Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Haider confronting Hameeda about whether she raised her hand to slap Hina. Hameeda justifies her actions by saying that Hina deserved it. Haider urges her to stop and listens silently to her taunts, but he emphasizes that his silence doesn’t mean he will always remain quiet. He informs Hameeda that if she finds joy in causing pain to her mother, then the Mudhikhana rasam will take place today. With that, he walks away from the scene.

Observing Dua packing her belongings, Gazal realizes her reaction is related to the upcoming Mudhikhana Rasam. Gazal believes that Dua will not rest until she witnesses tears of anguish in her eyes. Hameeda intervenes and requests Dua to halt her packing and listen to her. Dua expresses her inability to endure the situation any longer. In response, Hameeda reminds her that she taught her discipline and to stand up against injustice. Running away from problems was never a part of her upbringing.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Update
Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Update

Hameeda advises Dua that if someone attempts to deprive her of her rights, she must fight for them and not surrender them to others. Leaving the house would signify her defeat, and she would be unable to rid herself of the pain in her heart. She must expose Gazal and reveal the truth to everyone. Hameeda assures Dua that Haider is not Gazal but her husband. She implores Dua to stay for Haider’s sake. Doesn’t she love Haider? How could she abandon him with Gazal? Hameeda reminds Dua of her deep affection for the family and questions how she could quickly leave them.

Dua insists she has made numerous attempts, but Hameeda counters that she hasn’t given it her all. She would not be so determined to leave the house if she had tried. Hameeda explains that being a daughter-in-law is often more challenging than being a daughter. She urges Dua to save Haider and his family from Gazal. If she fights wholeheartedly for them, God will assist her.

Dua questions why God would punish her like this and whether Hameeda dislikes her, given that she is asking her to walk through fire. Hameeda assures Dua that she loves her dearly and is not forcing her to stay. Dua pleads with Hameeda to take her away from there, and Hameeda promises to do so, but she mentions having one crucial task to complete.

Kaynaat expresses her concerns to Hafeez, doubting that Hameeda will accept her now after what happened with Dua. Hafeez asserts that he cannot live without her and promises to talk to Hameeda about their relationship. Kaynaat remains sceptical, fearing Hameeda will take Dua away and sever all connections. She believes Haider’s actions will affect their relationship, but Hafeez assures her that he will convince Hameeda.

While packing her things, Dua reminisces about her moments with Haider. Despite feeling heartbroken, she tries not to think about him and decides not to keep his belongings. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz worries about Ruhaan and whether he has eaten anything. She sheds tears while thinking about him. In another scene, Gazal prepares herself for the Mudhikhana rasam in her room. Eihchaaz cheerfully sings praises for her, acknowledging her successful completion of all the rituals despite the obstacles. Gazal informs him that she has more to do for the family and instructs him to do her assigned tasks. Eihchaaz reveals that he has fallen in love, but

Gazal sternly advises Eihchaaz against falling in love and instead instructs him to pretend to be in love with her. She emphasizes that his goal is to break up Gulnaaz’s daughter’s relationship. Gazal reminds him to follow her instructions and prepare for the Mudhikhana rasam. Worried about being caught, Gazal is shocked to find Hina in the room. She fears that if Hina overhears their conversation, everything will be ruined. However, to Gazal’s surprise, Hina praises her beauty and predicts that everyone will admire her on this occasion.

Meanwhile, Dua reflects on her relationship with Haider while packing her things. She realizes that Haider is not by her side, and she no longer wishes to hold onto his belongings. She feels betrayed, believing Haider’s love for her is a fa├žade. The memories of their time together only intensify her heartbreak. Later, Haider is seen sitting with Gazal during the Mudhikhana rasam, indicating a growing closeness between them.

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