Udne Ki Aasha 23rd June 2024 Written Update: Sayali says she wants to live a happy life.

Udne Ki Aasha 23rd June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sayali is talking to Aayi. Aayi came to Paresh’s house early for Tejas’s wedding because she wanted to help Sayali, who had been dealing with Renuka’s bad behaviour for a long time. Aayi wants to teach Renuka a lesson so she can stop treating Sayali poorly. Sayali, however, wants to live peacefully with her family. When Sachin sees Aayi, he is happy, but Renuka is not pleased to see her mother-in-law.

Aayi suggests that Paresh and Sayali perform the mangalsutra ritual. Renuka doesn’t like Aayi’s idea. She doesn’t want this ritual during Tejas’s wedding. Sachin gets excited when he learns more about the ritual. Aayi asks Renuka to make tea, which annoys Renuka. When Sayali enters the kitchen to get the tea, Renuka insults her. Renuka realizes Aayi is here because of Sayali and might have complained about her.

Udne Ki Aasha 23rd June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 23rd June 2024 Written Update

Feeling insulted, Renuka goes to her room and cries in Aayi’s lap. Aayi calms her down, promising everything will be okay once Sachin loves her. The next morning, Sachin enjoys his breakfast, praising the taste of the food made by Sayali. He asks her how she learned to cook so well, and Sayali feels appreciated by her usually arrogant husband. During breakfast, Sachin teases Tejas about his work habits.

Sayali doesn’t want to cook for Tejas, but Renuka takes the food Sayali made for Sachin. Sachin also grabs food from Sayali, causing more tension. Paresh and Aayi discuss Sachin’s rituals again, but Renuka opposes them. She wants to postpone the engagement, but Aayi refuses, accusing Renuka of favouring Tejas and not loving Sachin. Renuka is forced to agree to the engagement.

In the kitchen, Sayali asks Renuka for permission to touch the rice container, as Renuka had previously forbidden it without asking. Renuka also forbids Sayali from inviting her mother and siblings to the Pooja because she has already invited Roshni, a rich girl.

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