Udaariyaan 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam running behind the guy who goes and holds a knife under Nehmat’s throat and threatens to kill her. Ekam gets shocked seeing Nehmat. The guy asks Ekam to put his gun down. Ekam tells his subordinate to shoot the guy after he gets his sign. He then tries to convince the guy then signs with his assistant. His subordinate shoots his guy. Nehmat gets saved by Ekam. Ekam questions Nehmat about being here. Mehmet tells him she got a job.

Ekam learns that Nehmat is leaving the city. He asks her to go with her home, but Nehmat refuses. She tells him this is for everyone’s betterment. Ekam gets scolded. Harleen calls Ekam and expresses her worry about not finding Nehmat. Ekam puts the phone on speaker, making her listen to Harleen’s worry. Nehmat cries. Ekam tells Harleen that he found Nehmat, who plans to leave Nagpur without informing anyone. Harleen and Renuka get shocked.

Nehmat shouts at Ekam to leave her life because she does this for the people she loves most. Ekam asks Nehmat to leave. Nehmat walks away from Ekam. Ekam goes and stands on a railway track. He threatens to kill himself as he can’t stay away from her. Harleen and Renuka, who is on the call, hear it and get shocked. They both rush to stop Ekam and Nehmat. Mehmet asks Ekam to stop acting like a child. Ekam refuses to go with her. In the car, Harleen blames Renuka because of her one promise only Nehmat took such drastic steps.

Renuka cries. In Sandhu’s house, everyone learns that Nehmat left the house seeing her room doesn’t have any things of Nehmat in it. Rupy gets Nehmat’s letter and reads it out her letter. She apologises to the family members for leaving without informing them and asks to bless Ekam and Harleen to start their life, and asks them to forgive her if possible. Swaroop asks Abhiraj to search for Nehmat at the railway station. Naaz thinks Nehmat must have left already and consoles a crying Satti.

The train arrives. Ekam says Nehmat, her train has arrived, so he asks her to leave. Nehmat pleads for them to come out of the track and agrees to do whatever he asks her to. Ekam demands her promise not to leave him ever. Nehmat promises him and urges him to come out of the track. Harleen and Renuka arrive there.

The train moves while Ekam realises his leg is stuck in the way. Nehmat gets shocked along with Harleen and Renuka. They all scream for help. Ekam fails to free himself, so he asks Nehmat to leave. Nehmat refuses to say she will die with him but won’t leave and hugs him. At the last minute, Ekam and Nehmat fall aside from the track. Renuka faints. Harleen gets happy and relieved.

Nehmat fights with Ekam for his behaviour. Ekam promises not to repeat this. He then asks Nehmat to promise not to leave his side. Nehmat hesitates to recall the promise she made to Renuka. Ekam calls out on Nehmat for her sudden change in mood. Renuka arrives there. Ekam hugs Renuka.

Renuka goes to Nehmat and says that she knows Nehmat decided to leave because of the promise she made to her, and now she wants another contract from her. Harleen and Ekam get confused while Nehmat agrees to do whatever Renuka asks her to. Renuka asks Nehmat to love and care for Ekam forever.

She adds that because of Nehmat, only Ekam is alive now. She also praises Ekam and Nehmat’s love for one another. She also asks Nehmat to stay with Ekam forever and love him, saying that she is taking back the promise she made Nehmat do it. Harleen gets happy and thanks God for fulfilling her wish. Renuka hugs Ekam and Nehmat and says she will arrange their marriage. Harleen gives a thumbs up to Ekam, then signs at Nehmat to smile.

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