Maitree 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vasundhara saying to the judge that she can hire the best nanny that money can get to care for Nandish. Maitree questions Vasundhara about the use of Nandish being in her home if Nandish doesn’t get his grandmother’s love.

Ashish takes that as a queue and tells the judge that Vasundhara is not interested in raising this child and says Vasundhara only wants to win this case to satisfy her ego. Vasundhara argues with Ashish, reminding him that only Maitree is taking care of Nandish and not them in his house.

Vasundhara shows Nandish to the judge and says they cannot separate a child from his mother. Maitree sees the child crying. Maitree takes the child from Vasundhara and calms him down. The judge seeing this, decides that Maitree will take care of Nandish and asks Maitree to decide in whose house she will take care of Nandish. The judge adjourns the court for 5 min for Maitree to decide.

Dinesh and Sadhana admonish Maitree for not telling the judge that she can’t care for the child. Vasundhara gives an ultimatum to Maitree that her one wrong decision can make her lose her best friend and says if she goes into that house again, she will be that house widow. Dinesh and Sadhana also agree with Vasundhara.

Om asks Ashish to go and talk to Maitree, and he will listen to her. Ashish comes and says to Maitree what Vasundhara said is correct. Ashish says he doesn’t want to trouble Maitree because of Nandish. Ashish asks Maitree to go to the judge and say she will not take custody of the child. Om and Kusum request Maitree to bring Nandish to their home. Maitree looks at Nandish and says she has made her decision.

The judge asks Maitree what her decision is. Maitree tells the judge how important Nandish is to her and says she will take Nandish’s custody. Dinesh objects to Maitree’s decision and tries to take her away, but the judge reminds Dinesh that this is his court and asks Dinesh to sit down. Dinesh agrees.

The judge asks Maitree in whose house she is going to stay. Maitree says she is going to visit Tiwari’s house. The judge agrees with Maitree’s decision. Maitree requests the judge, asking the judge to allow Ashish and Nandish to meet Nandini. Vasundhara objects to it. But the judge still rules in favour of Maitree and Ashish and allows Maitree, Nandish, and Ashish to meet Nandini once a week.

After coming out of the court, Maitree tries to take Nandish to Nandini, but Vasundhara stops Maitree, reminds them what she said, and asks Maitree to wait for the time court decides to meet them. Vasundhara takes Nandini away from there.

Dinesh asks Maitree why she is destroying her life by caring for this child. Maitree stays silent. Ashish also tells Dinesh that he told Maitree not to take Nandish’s custody. Dinesh blames Ashish for manipulating Maitree to take control of Nandish by asking her to always come to court. Dinesh and Sadhana leave from there. Aashish asks Maitree why did she take Nandish’s custody? Maitree says she took this decision as only by doing this can she make Nandish have at least one of the parent’s love for him.

Sona is busy preparing to welcome Nandish. Sona sees Maitree is bringing Nandish into the house. Sona stops Maitree from entering the house. Sona comes and takes Nandish away from Maitree. Sona asks Om and Ashish why he brought Maitree to the house again and reminds what happened last time to them.

Ashish sees the baby crying. Ashish takes the baby from Sona and gives the baby to Maitree to stop him from crying. Sona calls Maitree an unlucky girl and argues with them. Kusum says to Sona that the court granted child custody to Maitree and said if Maitree doesn’t enter the house. Om, Kusum and Ashish also will not enter the house. Om asks Sona to make a decision.

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