Titlie 26th October 2023 Written Update: Titlie says Garv is to marry Megha.

Titlie 26th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Garv feels wrong about signing the divorce papers. He wonders why he did this to Titlie. Titlie enters the room and asks him the same thing. Garv tells her someone forced him, and now their relationship is over. Titlie remembers how Garv promised to be with her for many lifetimes. She asks Garv why he’s acting and pushing her away.

Garv tells Titlie that she doesn’t understand him. He shows the divorce papers as proof that he’s moved on. He asks her to leave, but Titlie asks if he genuinely wants her to go. Garv cries, and she looks at him sadly. Chintu tells Dhara he loves her and will marry Drishti if it makes her happy. Drishti meets Chintu at a cafe, wondering why he wants to see her.

Titlie 26th October 2023 Written Update

Megha drags Maina into a room and warns her to stay away from Garv. Megha reminds Maina about a past favour. Maina says she made mistakes but believes Garv loves only Titlie.

Chintu tells Drishti he wants to marry her. Titlie tells Garv she’ll leave his life after one task. She gathers the family. Dhara tells Drishti she’s okay with her marrying Chintu. Titlie announces she’s leaving the house. Garv says he misunderstood his feelings for her.

Megha thinks it’s a good idea for Titlie to go. Titlie asks Garv to make a promise to Megha in a ceremony. Megha thinks she has won Garv. Maina pleads with Garv. Titlie believes Garv won’t marry anyone else. Chiku wonders why Titlie is acting this way. Megha tries to trick Garv using Titlie’s feelings. The story ends with Titlie asking Garv to be honest or marry Megha.

Precap: Garv will ask Titlie why she stays with him, even though he thinks he’s not a good person.

Titlie 26th October 2023 Episode Review

In a very emotional episode, viewers see Garv’s inner turmoil after signing the divorce papers, which leads to painful arguments with Titlie. Chintu’s choices and Megha’s tricks show the complicated nature of relationships even more clearly.

Things that Maina did in the past are revealed, which adds to the story. When Titlie questions Garv’s feelings at the end, it builds tension and makes people want to see the next episode. It does an excellent job of exploring love, betrayal, and the grey areas of relationships.

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