Anupama 27th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama makes Sonu confess the truth.

Anupama 27th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dimple chats with Pakhi. Dimple tells Barka that Pakhi cannot have children. Pakhi wonders if Dimple is making fun of her. Dimple asks why Pakhi often misunderstands her. Pakhi says Dimple took Samar away from her. This makes Dimple sad. She is concerned about her baby’s future. Pakhi advises Dimple to think again. Dimple is confused about Pakhi’s words. Pakhi tells her that it’s hard for a mother alone to manage. Dimple considers this for her baby.

Anupama and Devika search for Anuj. Malti mentions Anuj left. Devika thinks Anuj has to meet someone and asks Anupama to join her. Anuj is searching for Anupama. Malti says Anupama is getting dressed but tries to keep Anuj back for his good. Anupama and Devika wait for him.

Anupama 27th October 2023 Written Update

Sonu is having fun with his pals. Anupama approaches Sonu. He questions her presence. Anupama replies she’s there to have fun too. Back home, Anuj wonders where Anupama is. Romil informs Anuj she’s gone. Anuj asks Malti why she wasn’t honest. Romil suggests Malti did it on purpose. Malti is shocked.

Anuj hurries to find Anupama. Anupama tries to make Sonu admit his wrong actions. Devika hopes Anuj arrives soon. Anupama pushes Sonu to tell the truth. Sonu warns her. Anupama calls both Suresh and Sonu weak. This angers Sonu, and he threatens her with a gun. Anuj rushes to save her.

With Anupama’s pressure, Sonu admits he used the gun against Samar. Devika waits for Anuj. Sonu tells Anupama to see Samar. Anuj comes to help Anupama. The police catch Sonu for hurting Samar.

Anupama is relieved as justice will be served for Samar. Anuj plans to take further action. Anupama celebrates the victory of truth on Dusherra day. – Episode Concludes.

Precap: Malti feels Anuj is just Anupama’s spouse. Anupama encourages Dimple to keep going. Pakhi is upset with Adhik since she can’t have kids. Malti gets an idea seeing Pakhi.

Anupama 27th October 2023 Episode Review

The episode is full of dramatic feelings and suspense. Dimple’s conversations with Pakhi about not being able to have children bring up a touchy subject, and both characters show how vulnerable they are. The best part is the story between Anupama, Anuj, and Sonu. Anupama is brave enough to confront Sonu and ask him to admit he did wrong.

This creates a tense standoff that keeps people on the edge of their seats. Sonu’s arrest at the end of the episode is a happy ending that promises justice for Samar. It’s interesting to watch because the relationships are complicated, and the search for the truth is always happening.

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