Titlie 17th October 2023 Written Update: Titlie tells Garv they can finally make a new start together.

Titlie 17th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Garv quickly goes to Chiku, calling him “Chiku Bhaiya.” He refers to Koyal as “Badi Ma”, and they share a warm hug, remembering old times. Garv is very happy to see him. Chiku says Garv has grown a lot. Titlie thanks God for her success.

Drishti is in a cafe with a hidden gun in her bag. She waits for Sandy. When he comes, he wants her to apologize. Drishti thinks she should thank him instead. Nearby, Dhara and Chintu talk about Drishti. Dhara jokingly asks if Chintu misses Drishti. Chintu asks about her and then sees Drishti with the gun. Sandy teases Drishti. She takes out the gun to threaten him, but Chintu stops her.

Titlie 17th October 2023 Written Update

Megha is upset to see Chiku doing well. Koyal introduces Titlie to Chiku, who thanks her for reuniting him with the family. Chiku says Garv is lucky to have Titlie. Koyal tells Garv he should appreciate Titlie more. She praises Titlie for always helping, even without expecting anything in return. Koyal tells about Titlie’s many kind acts, making Titlie emotional.

Chintu pulls Drishti aside, asking her what’s wrong. She reveals that she’s pregnant, which shocks him. Dhara sees them together and is curious. She asks Chintu, but he hides the truth to protect Drishti, making Dhara sad. Drishti then seeks Chintu’s help.

Titlie tries to console Garv, asking him to start fresh with her. Although Garv doesn’t speak, he holds her hand, making Chiku happy. Chiku looks at his old toys and drawings and talks to Koyal about their past. Koyal has preserved all his memories. Two people, Maina and Manikant, come in. They’re emotional seeing Chiku, but Chiku hints that Manikant hurt him. The story closes with Chiku thanking Koyal for her love.

Precap: Koyal will insist that Titlie stays till a festival called Navratri. Titlie will confront Garv about his behaviour, but he will tell her to face reality.

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