Anupama 17th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama worries for Anuj.

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Anupama 17th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Paritosh is glad Sonu got caught. He wishes it was because of them. Kinjal asks if Paritosh feels terrible. He says yes and thinks Kinjal does too. Kinjal wants to tell the Shah family something important. She doesn’t want to think about Vanraj’s health now.

Anupama talks with Samar. She talks about Sonu getting caught. She met a boy who gave Samar his eyes. Anupama says seeing Sonu is a good thing for them. She talks about a festival called Navratri. Anuj hears her speak. Anupama says she misses Samar.

Anupama 17th October 2023 Written Update

Paritosh tells everyone that only Kinjal is moving to the UK. Kinjal says she’ll miss Pari and Paritosh. She talks about how hard her life is now—Kinjal plans to share her news during the Navratri festival.

Anupama tells Samar she’ll take care of his family. She wishes Samar could come back. Anuj hears their talk. Anupama wants to sleep alone. Anuj wants her to stay. Anupama asks Anuj to wait for her.

Anuj feels bad and thinks he didn’t hurt Samar. He asks Anupama not to be angry with him. Malti sees Anuj. She wants to help him during Navratri.

Kavya wakes up looking for Vanraj. The Shah family is worried. Vanraj is walking and thinking about Samar. Some friends ask Anuj why he’s sleeping outside. Anuj says he’s giving Anupama space. Malti worries about Anuj’s health. Anupama gets a call. She plans to visit the Shah family. But she says she won’t leave without doing a small prayer first. Malti thinks Anupama only cares about the Shahs.

Anupama prays for strength. Leela prays for Vanraj. Vanraj is angry at Suresh’s office. He pushes Anupama. Anuj tries to stop him. Vanraj is still angry. He wants to hurt Suresh.

Suresh watches Vanraj. Kavya and the Shahs find out where Vanraj is. Vanraj gets angrier. Anupama tries to calm him down. Suresh annoys Vanraj more. Vanraj grabs Suresh. Anupama and Anuj try to stop them. Suresh records a video of Vanraj.

Precap: Anupama and the Shahs enjoy Navratri. Samar is happy with Anupama for making everyone smile.

Anupama 17th October 2023 Episode Review

In this episode, feelings are running high as Paritosh talks about how happy he is that Sonu was arrested, and Kinjal shares his guilt. Kinjal’s impending move to the UK adds a new subplot that shows how hard it is to balance work, family, and personal issues. Anupama’s sincere conversations with Samar show how she feels, and Anuj’s problems, which can be seen in his interactions with Anupama, give him more depth.

The situation worsens as Vanraj’s anger gets out of hand, which can cause fights and even danger. Grief, guilt, anger, and family relationships are all explored in this story, which takes place against the background of the upcoming Navratri celebrations. It’s an exciting episode that sets the stage for what will happen over the holidays.

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