Radha Mohan Written Update 30th August 2023 Written Update: Radha will teach a lesson to Damini.

Radha Mohan Written Update 30th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Radha tells herself she must save her family. She runs to the door, but Tulsi has already locked it. Radha tells Tulsi that she needs to save her family by going outside. Tulsi tells her that if she goes outside, she could be shot because there are orders to shoot her on sight.

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She is also sure that Jwala Devi will shoot her. The Trivedis, Radha’s family, are taken away by the police. Radha says she needs to save her family because she has endangered them. She thinks that if she turns herself in, the police will let her family go.

Radha Mohan Written Update 30th August 2023 Written Update

Tulsi tells Kadambari she promised she wouldn’t let Radha leave the house. She remembers Kadambari saying she doesn’t trust Jwala Devi and thinks Jwala Devi might arrest everyone. Tulsi agrees when Kadambari asks her to stop Radha from going to the police.

Radha tells Tulsi that she will break the door if she doesn’t open it. She tries, but when she sees a picture of Mohan, she gives up. She thinks about her good times with him and decides not to break down the door. Tulsi says that they need to save not only the family but also Mohan. Radha knows that if the police see her, they’ll shoot her, and she won’t be able to save Mohan.

Jwala Devi tells Damini that Radha isn’t at the Trivedi house when she talks to her. Damini says that was the last place anyone knew she was. Radha left her phone there and ran away, Jwala Devi thinks. When Damini gets mad and hangs up, she tells Kaveri everything. Radha might have met Tulsi, according to Kaveri.

Radha asks Tulsi what they should do to save Mohan. Radha agrees and throws her phone on the floor. She thinks about her family and starts to cry.

Kaveri hears from Damini that Tulsi is dangerous. She laughs and thinks that Radha must have realized her phone was being watched and turned it off. Kaveri thinks that Damini has gone crazy. Damini says she won’t lose, and nobody can save Mohan from her.

Radha can remember Gungun hiding her phone. She takes it and tells Shekhar everything about it when she calls him. Shekhar says he will bring back the family. Radha says she will save Mohan, so the magistrate tells her to get him to his house.

Radha and Tulsi want to face Damini and her group of friends. They are leaving. Shekhar calls Radha to tell her that Jwala Devi didn’t bring the family to the police station. Radha says no one can help Damini if Mohan says something terrible about her.


In this intense episode, the police take Radha’s family away, and she is determined to save them. Radha has been told to shoot anyone who sees her, so Tulsi locks her up to keep her safe. Both women know that they need to help save Mohan as well. Jwala Devi and Damini are looking for Radha at the same time. Damini becomes increasingly angry and crazy, knowing nobody can save Mohan from her.

In an unexpected turn of events, Radha finds another phone and talks to Shekhar, who promises to bring the family home. Radha and Tulsi devise a plan to face Damini and her group. The episode ends with a cliffhanger that makes people want to know what will happen next, significantly if Radha and Tulsi can save Mohan and their family with their plan.

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