Imlie 30th August 2023 Written Update: Imlie and Arto hold their baby

Imlie 30th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Rudra and his family are in Sattu’s locker. They find out that Sattu gets his clothes from a tailor. Rudra tells Arto’s friend Imlie, who goes with Arto to the tailor. The tailor tells them where Sattu lives. Arto tells Imlie she should let him care for them if things get complicated.

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They go to Sattu’s home and knock on the door. A little girl opens it. Sattu comes out when they ask for her dad. Arto stops him from running away. Arto tells his daughter to go inside because he has to talk to Sattu. Arto tells Sattu that he will hurt him if he doesn’t tell him where their daughter is. Sattu says he did it for money and his daughter. When Arto gets mad, Imlie stops him.

Imlie 30th August 2023 Written Update

Sattu’s daughter says her dad gave their baby to the wrong man in front of her. Sattu should be ashamed, says Imlie. Sattu tells them he’s sorry and that their daughter is with a group of beggars, which is a dangerous place. Imlie says that she knows how to get her back.

Imlie and Arto go looking for their daughter while dressed as beggars. They talk to the gang leader and lie that they are poor. A beggar takes the baby, but she cries, and Imlie finds her. Then, Arto shows the beggars who he is and fights them. Imlie says they should be punished for what they did wrong.

Arto is caught later, and Imlie throws rocks at the bad guys. People keep coming to help them. But one of the men took the baby and ran away. When they call for help, they find out that Kairi, another child, is also missing. Kia also won’t give blood to Shivani, which makes Akash sad. Imlie is unfortunate that she has lost her baby again. The bad guys call and say they need money to return the baby. Imlie talks with her family, but they can’t call the police. Everyone starts to worry, and Imlie and Arto talk about what they should do next.

Precap: Imlie and Arto are holding their baby and hoping things will improve, but there is an earthquake.


In this exciting episode, Rudra and his family discover that Sattu works at a tailor shop. Imlie and Arto go there and find Sattu’s house in the end. Sattu admits that he does shady things for money, which upsets Imlie and Arto. They also discover that their daughter is with a dangerous group of beggars.

Imlie and Arto pretend to be beggars to get their child back. Even though they find her, they also have to face the gang. Just when they think they’re making progress, their daughter is taken away again, which adds more tension and drama to the story.

The episode is about family, danger, and having to decide what is right or wrong. It ends on a cliffhanger, with the kidnappers asking for a ransom and everyone in trouble. To build up the tension, the preview shows that an earthquake is about to happen. It’s an emotional roller coaster that makes people eager for the next episode.

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