Radha Mohan 31st August 2023 Written Update: Radha tells Tulsi that she is scared about Mohan’s condition.

Radha Mohan 31st August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Radha tells Shekhar that she will save Mohan from Damini. She prays for her family’s safety because she knows Jwala Devi will do anything for money.

Kadambari, on the other hand, asks Jwala Devi why she didn’t call the police. Ajeet tells Jwala Devi she is doing something wrong. He tells her to stay away from his family. Jwala Devi hits him, though. Rahul gets mad at her for hitting Ajeet and yells at her. She also hits him. Kadambari says that she will call the chief of police. She gets hit by Jwala Devi.

Radha Mohan 31st August 2023 Written Update
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Radha and Tulsi go to a storage facility. Radha says that Damini has put Mohan here. Tulsi says that Damini could hurt them. Mohan is on Radha’s mind. Tulsi tells her not to worry about anything because she will handle everything. Tulsi uses her extraordinary power to open the door. No one is there, they find out. Radha thinks that Damini has taken Mohan away. She doesn’t know how to look for him. She finds a toy and a remote control. She puts the TV on.

Damini says on TV that Radha isn’t as bright as she is. Radha would save Mohan, she knew. She tells Mohan that he is safe but shows him to be asleep. Radha and Tulsi are both anxious. Damini says that Radha should go to the police if she wants to save her family. She shows a video of Jwala Devi hurting her family.

Radha and Tulsi can’t believe it. Radha is sorrowful and says she can’t stand to see her family hurt. Tulsi says that Damini is using them to get what she wants. Radha starts worrying about her family, so she calls the police. She is told not to do it by Tulsi.

Damini tells Jwala Devi that Radha wanted to go to the police because of her. The plan sounds good to Jwala Devi. Damini says that the family should go through more pain. She says that Radha shouldn’t go to the police at all. Jwala Devi tells Radha that she will stop him. When Mohan hears all this, he decides he must stop Radha.

Kaveri tells Damini that she isn’t sure if Radha will come clean. Damini decides to scare Radha by calling her. Radha’s phone is off, though. Mohan thinks that Radha will call the police to help her family. Tulsi stops Radha’s scooter in the meantime.


Radha is determined to save Mohan from Damini in this exciting episode. She teams up with Tulsi, and they go to an empty warehouse. In the meantime, Jwala Devi keeps scaring other family members. Radha falls for Damini’s trick of leaving a pre-recorded message that says Mohan is safe with her. She tells Radha that if she wants to save her family, she needs to turn herself into the police. She then shows Radha a video of Jwala Devi mistreating Radha’s family.

Radha is torn between the safety of her family and her freedom. Radha wants to give up, even though Tulsi tells her not to. On the other hand, Jwala Devi and Damini want to make sure that Radha never tells the police what’s going on. Even though Mohan is unconscious, he discovers the evil plans and thinks of a way to stop Radha. When Tulsi stops Radha’s scooter at the end of the episode, viewers wonder what will happen next.

The episode is full of emotional turmoil, moral dilemmas, and suspense, leaving viewers eager to see what will happen next.

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