BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2023 Written Update: Harleen stops Lakshmi from leaving the house.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Virendra and Harleen are worried about what Neelam will do. Bani and Shalu say prayers. Malishka remembers what Vikrant said about how much he loves Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi looks at the moon and thinks about how hard it will be to choose between Neelam and Lakshmi. Lakshmi also wonders why her life keeps bringing her to Oberoi’s house.

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Shalu and Bani pray again the next day for Lakshmi and Rishi to be together. Lakshmi joins them and asks for help in her prayers. Virendra tells Neelam everyone is worried about her choice and asks her to change her mind. Neelam says she is also concerned but wants to know how much her family cares about her. She goes away.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2023 Written Update

The two of them talk. Rishi asks her to try to change Neelam’s mind. Malishka says that Neelam won’t be different. She says that Lakshmi is the cause of all the trouble and that Rishi should choose Neelam over Lakshmi. Malishka tells him she will support him no matter what he decides and then leaves.

Rano says good things about Lakshmi. Shalu goes to the Oberoi house with her. Karishma stops her and tells her to go away. Rishi and Virendra tell Karishma to be kind. Shalu asks Ayush why they are being so mean to Lakshmi. Ayush has no idea.

Karishma tells Lakshmi to leave, telling her that she has terrible luck. Shalu protects Lakshmi. Also, Sonia comes and tells Lakshmi to go. Neelam interrupts and opens the door for Lakshmi. Virendra tells Sonia to calm down when she is upset. Neelam tells her family to decide what they want to do. Neelam stops Lakshmi from leaving when she starts to go.

Kiran and Sonal talk about what’s going on. Sonal tells Kiran that things will work out for them. Rishi is glad that Neelam let Lakshmi stay. Neelam says that what comes next is up to Virendra. Lakshmi makes Harleen happy. Karishma wonders if Harleen is happy. She is told to be quiet by Harleen. Harleen tells Lakshmi that she should leave, but Lakshmi stops her.

Sonal tells Kiran that she heard Vikrant and Malishka talking. She believes that they should ask Vikrant for help. Kiran is not on board. She wants Lakshmi to get out of the way, and Sonal says that will happen.

Sonia tells Harleen that if Lakshmi stays, Neelam will leave. When Lakshmi hears this, she says she wants to go, but Harleen stops her.


In this episode, which is full of drama, several characters have to deal with hard choices and family problems. Virendra and Harleen are worried about Neelam’s big decision. Rishi has to choose between Lakshmi and Neelam, which is not easy. Bani and Shalu keep praying that Lakshmi and Rishi will get back together.

When Lakshmi moves into the Oberoi house, things get complicated for the family. Karishma and Sonia try to get rid of her, but Neelam lets her stay, making things worse. Malishka tells Rishi that picking Neelam could be the answer to their problems, which adds another layer of confusion.

Harleen is the only one who seems happy to see Lakshmi, but Karishma questions even her happiness. Characters like Sonal and Kiran talk about the drama and make guesses about what will happen next.

Overall, the episode is a whirlwind of feelings, decisions, and family relationships that make the viewer want to know what comes next.

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