Radha Mohan 12th August 2023 Written Update: Radha helped Tulsi

Radha Mohan 12th August 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with the judge giving Devika leave to call Dadi as a witness. Tulsi doesn’t know why Devika is calling Dadi. Radha asks Devika about it, saying that Dadi is not guilty. When Tulsi’s brother calls, Damini picks up the phone and tells him to stop. She tells him she will give him money and hangs up. Mohan sees this and thinks Tulsi’s brother may be working with Damini.

Devika asks Dadi if she knows that Radha likes Mohan. Dadi says that Radha liked Mohan. Devika can’t determine why Dadi let Radha go to Mohan’s house. She asks Dadi if he has anything to hide. Radha comes to Dadi’s defence and tells Devika to stop blaming her. Mohan talks to Shekhar about how Radha’s acts hurt their case.

Radha Mohan 12th August 2023 Written Update

Devika tells Dadi that she wants Mohan to be interested in Radha for some reason. Dadi says no. Devika says that Vishwanath is one of Rameshwar’s wealthy friends. She thinks that Radha is looking for Mohan and Dadi for money. Radha tells the judge to tell Devika to stop asking questions. Shekhar says that Devika is wasting her time.

Devika tells Dadi about a story in the newspaper about Mohan and Radha, and then she shows the story to the court. She asks Dadi if she is in that story in any way. Dadi says he doesn’t know anything. Devika says a journalist might testify against Dadi because an older woman gave him pictures for the story.

Dadi told me that Radha went to that house to learn more about Mohan. Devika makes fun of Radha by saying she was good to Mohan and should be a nurse. She also says that Radha wanted to get married to Mohan and might have hurt Tulsi because of this.

Radha Mohan

It’s not true, says Dadi. She says that Radha only met Tulsi once and helped her that time. Mohan asks Kadambari how Radha and Tulsi first met. Kadambari says that she has no idea. Dadi doesn’t say anything when Tulsi tells him to be quiet. Devika says that she will tell the whole truth.

Dadi and Radha go to a house in memory. Tulsi is happy to see them. Damini thinks that because they are alone, she can hurt Tulsi. She makes a noise, and when Tulsi goes to look, she trips and falls. Dadi and Radha go to help her right away. Tulsi is not happy.

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