Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Update: Dimple has agreed to separate

Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Update: In this episode, Dimple tells everyone that the Shahs won’t give them their share, but they won’t go without it. She wants to be on her own. Leela says that Dimple intends to break up the family, which makes Dimple angry. Hasmuk feels down. Anupama sees how Dimple feels and asks Hasmuk what’s going on. Hasmuk tells Anupama to make a choice, and he won’t mind what she chooses.

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Anupama and Vanraj agree, and with Paritosh and Kavya’s help, Anupama decides to split Samar and Dimple up. She tells them they must split the costs; if they don’t, they’ll be fined. She doesn’t understand why only the older family members try to keep everyone together, and she thinks Samar and Dimple should learn from this. Vanraj talks about when he left home and says it taught him a lot. Samar and Dimple go outside.

Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama tells the Shahs not to be afraid. Anuj is ready to meet her. Hasmuk tells Anupama he’s sorry. Leela and Kinjal want to know where Romil is staying. Anupama stands up for Romil and says people may have good reasons for their actions. She talks about how people should treat each other with care and understanding. Both Kavya and Vanraj are shocked by what she says.

Anupama goes outside later to pray for her family. She knows Anuj is close by and makes fun of him for hiding. They decide to hang out and have fun. Anuj thinks something might be wrong, but Anupama doesn’t want to discuss family problems. They are happy and dance. Anuj says that no matter how hard things are at home, they should always make time for themselves. Anupama talks about how important it is to spend time together and have fun.


The same is true for Anuj. They both say that people should take time for themselves. Anupama likes Anuj and tells him he should take some time for himself. In a different scene, Adhik is rude to Pakhi. Later, Anuj and Anupama will buy ice cream for the whole family. Anupama tells Anuj to hurry up.

Precap: Pakhi tells Adhik to let her go and stop making trouble. Anupama and Anuj see this. When Anupama asks Pakhi if she’s okay, Pakhi hugs her.

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