Pandya Store 7th September 2023 Written Update: Natasha thinks the house is just like Pandya Store.

Pandya Store 7th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dolly tells Amresh that Pranali came to see her. She told Dolly that Natasha’s marriage was about getting the Pandya Store. Amresh says Natasha knows this, but Dolly says she might not. But he tells Dolly not to tell Natasha about it. He says he bought two diamond necklaces for Dolly to change the subject. Dolly is happy, so she stops thinking about the store. She tells Amresh to thank you and leaves. Amresh feels like he needs to make up with Pranali.

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At the place where Dolly is getting her picture taken, a ceremony starts. Dolly is made fun of by Amba. Natasha and Dolly both get diamond gifts from Hetal. But Amba keeps them safe by taking them with her. She also wants their expensive clothes and jewellery, saying this is a family tradition. Dolly isn’t happy, but she does what she’s always done. Natasha thinks the house is like Pandya Store, where someone else keeps all the jewellery safe.

Pandya Store 7th September 2023 Written Update

At the store, Natasha gets lost in her thoughts. Then, a truck comes by and throws dirt on the sign for the store. Cheeku cleans it and puts his hand on it. He then looks at pictures of his family. Natasha and Hetal each get a pair of earrings from Pranali. Amba jokes about the earrings’ size, but Pranali gives a clever answer. Natasha is shocked when she sees this.

When Cheeku goes to the store, he runs into Suman there. He wants cigarettes, but he is turned down. Then, a bag of rice is given to him. When Suman sees him, she thinks of her older son. She asks Cheeku how he knew where the rice was, and he says he just knew. Suman says that he left a dirty handprint. Cheeku says his father might have cleaned it up if he were still alive.

Pranali is told she’s funny by Dolly. Pranali asks that people treat her with respect. Natasha and Dolly both get heavy gifts from Amba. They find a gas stove inside. Amba tells the new family members to cook for themselves to avoid fights. Dolly is happy, and she says she’s going to hire a cook. Amba says no when Natasha asks if they don’t eat together.

Precap: Natasha tells Dhawal that she’s happy in her new home. She is looking forward to her first day. Amresh tells Natasha that the Pandya Store will be his after some rituals.


This episode has a mix of drama, tradition, and mystery for viewers to enjoy. People are interested in the mystery of Natasha’s marriage and the strategic play for Pandya Store. Amresh’s tricks and Dolly’s innocence make for an exciting play on characters. Traditions, like the ceremony and the gifting of the gas stoves, show how deeply rooted they are and how tensions are in the family.

The episode does an excellent job of mixing funny and sad parts, like when Suman talks about her older son, and they joke about the size of her earrings. Overall, the episode promises more turns and twists, which makes people want to see what comes next.

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