Imlie 7th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie searches for her kids.

Imlie 7th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie tries to stop some bad guys, but they run away. Imlie wants to know why they left. She notices that Kairi and Choti Imlie are gone and tells Arto. Both of them look for the children. Anu and the kids hide. Kairi wants to yell, but Anu tells her not to. Kairi says she won’t scream. Anu is with the kids when Kia and Akash see her. Anu won’t let them take the kids, even though they try.

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The bad guys hurt Akash. Kia worries about him. Kia tells Imlie to find Anu and the kids when she comes. As Imlie looks, two men grab her from behind. They mistreat her, but she stands up to them. At the same time, Kairi tells Anu to go away.

Imlie 7th September 2023 Written Update

Kairi is scared of Anu. Imlie is looking for her children and asking herself why life is so hard. When she hears Kairi, she calls out to her. Anu gets into a car quickly. Imlie falls and hurts herself. Arto finds the kids after hearing about them. Imlie asks God for hope. She sees an encouraging sign and follows it to an NGO.

Anu tells the NGO that the kids’ parents have died and that they need a place to live. That’s not true, says Kairi. Anu says that Kairi is just sad and then walks away. Kairi doesn’t want to work at the NGO any longer.

She longs for her mom. Imlie is tired, but she gets help from a couple. They will adopt a child from the same NGO. Arto calls Imlie to see how the children are doing. Imlie says that she’s almost there at the NGO. The woman from the NGO is mad at Kairi.


The episode is a roller coaster ride of feelings and events. Imlie’s strong desire to protect and find her kids is admirable and gives the story its emotional backbone. As the bad guy, Anu does an excellent job of building up tension and making people want to see what happens next.

The episode is about hope, family, and problems, as shown by Imlie’s determination and prayer times. The NGO gives the central drama more depth by bringing attention to societal issues. Overall, it was a gripping episode with a mix of tension and feeling.

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