Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update: Amba is ignoring Natasha.

Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amba does a ritual to welcome the newlyweds. She tells them to go into the house in the way that has always been done. Natasha is sad because Amba pays more attention to Dhawal than she does to her. Hetal hears from Pranali that Amba is again being unfair.

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Hetal says that Amba might have just forgotten to add Natasha. Amba marks Dhawal’s forehead, then acts like she will blow out the lamp and says it’s a bad sign. She tries again to turn on the lamp. Then they hear a cat cry, which everyone thinks is another bad sign.

Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Update

When Suman looks at Natasha’s dress, he feels sad. Mittu also misses her. Suman tells Mittu how hard it is to see their daughter leave. Amresh tells Amba that bad signs are nothing to worry about. Amba says that when Dolly came into the house in the same way, nothing wrong happened. She tells Natasha the ritual isn’t done until she kicks a pot.

Amba says that the pot falling by itself is another bad sign. Natasha doesn’t understand and is worried. Amresh tells Natasha not to fill the pot again, but she does it anyway. Her wedding tie to Dhawal comes undone, which she also thinks is a bad sign. As Suman and Mittu talk about Natasha, they go inside the house.

Chiku talks to an engineer and thinks back to things that happened in the past with Pandya stores. Dhawal tells Amresh that he couldn’t get Natasha to sign some papers. Amresh says he needs it quickly because he has invested a lot of money. Bhavan tells Chirag to do some work, but Chirag says he just got married and wants to be with his new wife. Chirag thinks that when Amresh says they will talk privately about a project, he means a baby. Later, Amba tells her new daughters-in-law that she wants them to do things together.

Chirag and Dhawal laugh. Dolly says the house isn’t as busy as in movies. She walks away to go to the bathroom. Amresh talks to his brothers about how they can teach their wives about traditions. Dhawal thinks he doesn’t love Natasha and wonders how he will get by. Dolly runs into Amresh, who asks her what she is doing. She says that she is putting on her makeup in the bathroom. Pranali tells her that the wedding has something to do with property, but she doesn’t know that Natasha isn’t in the bathroom.

Precap: Amresh plans to tear down the Pandya stores in the next episode.


In this episode, Amba greets the newlyweds but intentionally ignores Natasha, making Natasha feel sad and left out. Several things happen that Amba sees as bad signs, which makes the family unhappy. Suman and Mittu talked about when Natasha left home, and Amresh told Amba not to worry about bad signs.

Dhawal is having trouble with a secret mission to get Natasha to sign some papers. The episode hints at more profound problems, like property and investments, affecting how the family members get along. Overall, the episode is full of ups and downs regarding feelings, tension, and hints of family secrets.

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