Imlie 6th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie performs aarti of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Imlie 6th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie is gathering wood, but it starts to rain, so the wood gets wet. At the same time, a doctor screams at Arto and tells him to leave. He is sad and sits outside in the heavy rain. Because he prayed for help, a woman doctor holds an umbrella over him.

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Imlie goes to a camp where Devika tells her her baby is sick. Imlie wants to help. She breaks a chair so she can start a fire. She puts water on to boil and is about to give her baby steam when a storm comes.

Imlie 6th September 2023 Written Update

A man says that everyone should leave their tents because of the storm. The Ranas try to figure out how to help Imlie breathe. Imlie asks God for help. A small boy dressed up as Lord Krishna comes into view. He tells Imlie everything will be fine and gives her a peacock feather.

Then, Imlie heats water at the temple with a small lamp. It works, and Imlie begins to breathe again. Imlie thanks Lord Krishna, and Arto brings a doctor who tells Imlie how hard she has worked.

Imlie says that Lord Krishna helped them before the festival of Janmashtami. Anu hears this and says she will separate Imlie and her daughters, just like Krishna was taken away from his mother. Anu tells the crowd that people in a different camp have better food and water, which makes them mad.

For Janmashtami, the Ranas make their camp look nice. Kairi dresses up as Lord Krishna and breaks a clay pot, telling baby Imlie to do the same when she gets older.

Imlie says a special prayer for Radha and Lord Krishna. Some strange-looking men walk into the camp. Arto finds out about them from Imlie. These people steal money and kidnap Imlie’s daughters. Imlie tries to get them to stop, but she can’t.


There are a lot of different feelings and events in this episode. In the beginning, Imlie and Arto are having trouble: she has to deal with wet firewood and a sick baby, and a doctor is kicking him out. But help comes in strange ways. A woman doctor helps Arto, and a boy dressed as Lord Krishna gives Imlie a peacock feather, a symbol of hope.

When it comes to helping her baby, Imlie is very determined. Her hard work pays off when she heats water in a temple, and her baby begins to breathe. The episode is also fun because the family prepares for the Janmashtami festival.

But Anu causes trouble by comparing the camp’s resources to those of another camp, which angers the people there. This leads to a scary moment when Imlie’s daughters are taken, and money is stolen. Drama, faith, and suspense all come together nicely in this episode. It keeps you wondering what will happen next.

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