Pandya Store 5th September 2023 Written Update: Natasha gets an emotional bidaai from the house.

Pandya Store 5th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dolly’s dad praises Amresh for buying his dream shop, Pandya Store. Amresh says that he only dreams about things that he is sure will come true. He is glad his sons-in-law and the shop are now part of their family. He also wants to knock down the shop and build a big building.

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Natasha and Dhawal first ask Amba and then Suman for blessings. Suman says she has always been happy to meet her sons’ wives. But this is the first time a daughter has left home, saddened her. Amba says there was drama before the wedding, but Suman says their family always has drama. Cheeku goes to Somnath after everyone else leaves.

Pandya Store 5th September 2023 Written Update

Natasha is packing in her room and looking at pictures of good times to remember them. Even Mitthu and Shesh are feeling sad. Cheeku moves closer to the Pandya Store. Natasha leaves with her bags and cries as she hugs Suman. Mitthu is also moved to tears. Suman asks Dhawal to look after Natasha well, and he says he will. Natasha hasn’t had water in a long time, so Dhawal tells Mitthu to get some for her. Mitthu brings the water, and Dhawal’s love for Natasha moves Suman.

Natasha has tears in her eyes as she says goodbye to her home. When Cheeku gets there, he sees his house. When Natasha gets in the car, it starts moving. She and Suman’s two sons ran after the car. Cheeku also feels sad when he sees Natasha leave. He puts his hand on the car and thinks, “I’m sorry, Natasha.” Then she leaves in her car. The person who helps Amba tells Amna that she will soon have a new daughter-in-law and asks if she will welcome her. Amba says that she will, so yes.

Natasha tells Dhawal that she’s happy because, thanks to him, she now has a new family. She can’t wait for the first day in her new house. Amresh tells Natasha that Pandya Store will be entirely his once the traditional ceremonies are done.


In this sad episode, there is a lot of focus on family ties and changes. Amresh’s dream comes true when he buys the Pandya Store. Meanwhile, Natasha and Dhawal are just getting used to their new roles as husband and wife. The scene where Natasha packs up her things and says goodbye to her home is very emotional.

Everyone in the family feels the emotional undercurrent powerfully, especially Suman, who is happy and sad to see Natasha go. Cheeku’s mysterious appearance in Somnath adds a bit of drama and suspense. The episode ends hopeful, giving Natasha and her new family a chance to start over. This episode has a good balance of happy, sad, and dramatic moments.

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