Anupama 6th September 2023 Written Update: Pakhi goes missing. Adhik, blame Anupama.

Anupama 6th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama tells Anuj that the Rakhi festival is essential but that both homes are stressful. Hasmuk asks Anuj to come to his house to celebrate Rakshabandhan. Vanraj tells Anuj and Anupama that they shouldn’t bring Adhik along. Anupama is worried about what will happen if Pakhi joins without Adhik.

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Dimple asks Leela to tell her what’s on her mind. Leela says that because it’s a festival day, she wants to eliminate the boundary line. Dimple says the festival is only for the Shah family because they won’t let Adhik come. She says she won’t cross the line—Leela and Dimple fight. Kinjal helps Dimple make treats for the festival. Leela tells Kinjal to make the sweets without Kavya’s help, but Kavya tries to help. Kavya is upset.

Anuj and Anupama are attracted to each other and say nice things to each other. Anu comes and stops them. Anu is upset, so Anupama asks her why. Anu says that she wants to give Romil a Rakhi. Anuj and Anupama try to cheer her up.

Dimple is mad at Samar for giving Anu and Pakhi so many gifts. She gets even more angry when she finds out that Paritosh didn’t help. Samar speaks up for himself. Vanraj tells Dimple not to get involved with what Samar and Paritosh are doing.

Anuj and Anupama want to go to the home of the Shah family. When Anu sees Barkha and Adhik doing the ritual, it makes her sad. Anu is told to ignore it by Anupama. Barkha gives Adhik a Rakhi. Adhik tells Barkha that he has nothing to give because he doesn’t have a job. As a gift from Adhik, Pakhi gives Barkha a necklace. Barkha feels good.

Romil says yes, so Anu asks if she can put a Rakhi on him. Romil says no, but Ankush gets him to change his mind. Romil and Anu do the rite. Later, Anupama tells Pakhi that she can’t bring Adhik to the Shahs’ house.

The Shahs are ready to see Pakhi. Dimple says that Pakhi won’t come if Adhik isn’t invited. Pakhi tells Anupama she will only come to the company if Adhik gets a job there. Anupama tells her that jobs don’t just fall out of the sky like candy. Pakhi is adamant.

Precap: Pakhi goes missing. Adhik, blame Anupama.

Anupama 6th September 2023 Written Update


The Rakhi festival brings happiness and tension to the characters in this sad and exciting episode. Anupama and Anuj have a sweet moment together, but the Shah family is having problems with each other. Vanraj doesn’t let Adhik come to the party, which upsets Anupama and Pakhi. Leela and Dimple fight about family traditions and boundaries, which shows how different the old and new generations are.

Romil, at first, won’t let Anu tie a Rakhi, but in the end, he does. This is a small win for the day. When Pakhi asks Adhik for a job in exchange for letting her come to the family gathering, the episode also touches on problems at work. The episode is a beautiful mix of love, tradition, and modern issues. When Pakhi goes missing, the episode ends on a suspenseful note.

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