Pandya Store 4th September 2023 Written Update: Natasha praises Dhawal.

Pandya Store 4th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Cheeku watches dance videos. He sees the video of Natasha’s wedding and gets sad about Suman and Dhara. He looks up and sees some guys chasing a girl. He goes to help her right away and saves her. He fights off the men and lets the girl fight back, too. He tells them that all women should be treated well and respected, no matter who they are. The men apologize and leave.

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Then, a contractor comes along and offers Cheeku a big job in Somnath. Cheeku’s friend thinks he won’t go, but when Cheeku hears that a famous market in Somnath will be torn down, he changes his mind. The Pandya Store is also in this market.

Pandya Store 4th September 2023 Written Update

Everyone in the Makwana family dances while Bhoomi sings. After the song, Bhoomi tells the couple goodbye and wishes them luck. Chirag gets married to Dolly. As they walk around the fire, Chirag puts a red mark on Dolly’s forehead.

Natasha then shows up for her wedding. Dhawal takes her hand and leads her to the place of the wedding. They also trade flower necklaces back and forth. The priest tells Suman to help them tie the knot. Both Amba and Pranali don’t want to get married. Natasha hopes Dhawal will always be there for her as they walk around the fire. But Dhawal is only getting married to her to make Amresh happy. In his mind, he tells Natasha he’s sorry for tricking her. He puts a red mark on her forehead, and they are married.

Natasha will soon tell Dhawal that even though she left her old family, she is happy with her new one. She can’t wait to move into her new house. Amresh tells Natasha that he will own the Pandya Store after the wedding ceremonies.


In this episode, Cheeku is the hero. First, he saves a girl from some men chasing her, then fights for a market vital to the community. He takes a job in Somnath to save the Pandya Store, which is part of a market that will be torn down. There are also two weddings in the episode.

The wedding of Chirag and Dolly is full of joy, but the wedding of Dhawal and Natasha is hard to understand. Natasha is hopeful, but Dhawal wants to marry her for other reasons, which makes for drama and tension. Overall, the episode has a good mix of action, emotion, and suspense, which keeps it interesting from beginning to end.

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