Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update: Arto saves Kairi, and Imlie feels relaxed.

Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Devika is getting ready for Choti Imlie’s naming ceremony. Anu sees some gold bracelets and hides her face with gifts as she goes to the priest. She wants to put holy water in a pot and says the same water will be used to clean the bangles.

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She says that Choti Imlie is her granddaughter. Devika can’t find the bracelets when the event starts. The priest says he gave them to the grandmother but didn’t see her face. Everyone looks for the bangles, and in the end, Divya says she took them. Anu remembers giving the gifts and bracelets to Divya, who also didn’t see her face. Anu thinks that the next time, he should do something more significant.

Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update

Anu doesn’t like the song that the Ranas sing for Choti Imlie. They whisper names in Choti Imlie’s ear, and Kairi chooses Choti Imlie. The priest tells Imlie to go outside so he can do something else. Then, there is an earthquake. Things fall from the ceiling and break. Arto stops Imlie from going back inside to save her family. He gets everyone out of the cave safely, but Kairi is missing.

Imlie gets scared, so Arto returns to the house to look for Kairi. He finds her and makes sure she is safe. Anu is also saved when the rescue team comes. The Ranas are surprised to see Anu in their house, so they ask her why she was there. She doesn’t talk. They realize that Rudra is not there. Imlie tells Arto to look for him. Arto and Akash are about to enter when Rudra leaves the room and passes out. When they check his pulse, they are shocked to find it very low.

Choti Imlie sings at a bar in the next episode. A rich man offers her a big deal, but she turns down the money. She tells him her name is Imlie when he asks.


During Choti Imlie’s naming ceremony, family and drama come together in this exciting episode. Anu tricks people into thinking she is Choti Imlie’s grandmother, and then she steals gold bracelets meant for the ceremony. When they are found, Divya says that she took them, adding another mystery layer.

In the middle of the family drama, an earthquake hits and puts everyone in danger. Arto is the hero because he saves his family and finds Kairi, who has gone missing. Anu’s presence in the house makes people look at her funny, but she doesn’t say anything. Rudra passing out and having a low pulse make things even more scary, so people are on the edge until the next episode. It’s a wild episode with much tension, drama, and feelings.

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