Pandya Store 31st October 2023 Written Update: Natasha find Golu.

Pandya Store 31st October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amresh walks quickly and angrily towards Hetal while she is dancing. Hetal is holding Isha’s hand and is just about to lift her veil when Amresh stops her. In a dark room, Natasha is searching for Golu, and she finds his sandals. This makes her worried, and she starts looking for him more urgently.

Isha uses this chance to run away from the scene. Amresh starts scolding Hetal very severely. Hetal tries to explain that he does not understand the situation correctly. She also mentions that they cannot find Golu. The scene then shows Golu sitting alone, crying because he is scared.

Pandya Store 31st October 2023 Written Update

Amba asks Hetal to explain what she means by saying that Golu is missing. Hetal explains that Natasha was suspicious of the lady in the veil, so she was dancing to keep Natasha’s attention. She also mentions that Natasha went inside to look for Golu. When Natasha sees Isha running away, she chases after her. In her hurry, Natasha bumps into Chiku and asks him to help catch Isha.

Amresh orders everyone to call the police and some ministers, and he is very angry with Hetal for not telling him about the situation sooner. Amba also starts crying because she feels something is wrong when Pranali and Dolly are eating panipuri. Amresh also scolds them.

Amresh warns everyone and says he will not forgive anyone if something happens to Golu. He even says that he will kill the person responsible if Golu is hurt. Dhawal decides that he needs to find both Natasha and Golu. Meanwhile, Natasha is praying to the Goddess and asking for help to find Golu. Dhawal is nearby, but he doesn’t see Natasha. He calls out for Golu and Natasha. Chiku is also running after Isha.

Suddenly, Natasha hears Golu screaming for help, and she runs towards the sound. She finds him sitting under a fuse box with loose wires hanging down. Golu is about to touch the cables, but Natasha jumps in and moves them away, hurting her hands in the process. Dhawal also arrives and tells Golu to stay still.

He asks Natasha if she is right, and she tells him to go to Golu. Dhawal comforts Golu and tries to calm him down. He checks the fuse box and turns off the power circuit. Golu then hugs Natasha, crying, and Dhawal hugs both of them. Dhawal is relieved that they are both safe, and he takes them back to everyone else.

Hearing Golu’s voice, Hetal runs to him and hugs him tightly. Natasha watches them, feeling emotional. Hetal asks Golu where he went, saying she looked everywhere for him. She also asks if he is hurt anywhere. Golu doesn’t answer; he keeps smiling.

Amresh also looks at Golu. Hetal hugs Natasha, thanking her for saving them from this dangerous situation. Picks up Golu, smiling happily. Just then, the police arrive. Chirag tells them about Golu being kidnapped before. Natasha describes Isha and mentions the flower tattoo on her hand. The episode ends with Isha trying to run away.

Precap: Amresh will confront Natasha. He will tell her they didn’t say anything when Hetal was dancing in public, but she crossed a line by kidnapping Golu to get what she wanted. Amba will declare that Natasha must be punished for her actions and that she should go to jail.

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