Pandya Store 26th August 2023 Written Update: Dhawal breaks marriage with Natasha

Pandya Store 26th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal tells Natasha that she makes him feel disrespected so that he won’t marry her. Natasha says that they shouldn’t get married before they know each other. Natasha is upset, so Suman tells her not to make a quick decision. Dhawal’s mom says they shouldn’t get married if they’re unhappy. She says that the most important thing now is Amresh. She tells them to take back the gifts they gave for the engagement.

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Dhawal goes to the police station to tell Amresh he won’t marry Natasha because of what happened. Amresh tells Dhawal to figure out where the drinks at their party came from. Dhawal says that he will do something. He says he accidentally put the box of drinks in Amresh’s car. When he saw Natasha’s earrings there, he wanted to protect her. Natasha asks if there is any purple cloth, and he says yes.

Pandya Store 26th August 2023 Written Update

Mithu is asked by Natasha why he didn’t say this before. She says that Amresh must be set free. Suman says they must find out who put alcohol in Natasha’s juice. Everyone has to go to bed, she says. Something makes Sesh feel bad. Natasha has made Amresh angry, so he wants to make Natasha’s life hard. He scares the police officer by talking about a well-known politician and is let go. The officer tells him that a woman at their party told the police about what was going on. Amresh keeps up with the news.

Sesh calls someone in secret. He is on the phone, so Suman tells him to stop. When Dhawal’s mom gets sick, she tells him she won’t eat until Amresh gets home. Suman wants to look at Sesh’s phone, but he keeps her from doing so. Suman, Natasha, Mithu, and Sesh all wear different clothes and go to a secret place to find out where the drinks are coming from. When some bad guys show up and ask who is there, they search the area.

Sesh calls Amba again to tell her that they are at the place where they are drinking and will be caught soon. He asks her why she doesn’t pick up when he calls. Dhawal is the one on the other end of the line, and he is the one who asks Sesh who he is talking about. The show is over.

Precap: Natasha and Amresh are going to have a hard time.


In this episode, there is a lot of tension because Dhawal breaks up with Natasha because he says she mistreats him. Suman and Dhawal’s mother thinks the couple should take time to think about their decision. When Dhawal goes to the police station to talk to Amresh, the mystery gets even more significant. They are worried about how alcohol got into their party, which they think has something to do with Natasha.

Pandya Store 26th August 2023 Written Update

As Sesh makes strange phone calls, secrets start to come out, and the group goes on a mission to learn more about the drink supply. When some bad guys show up, they are in danger. Amresh gets out of jail, and because he is mad at Natasha, he plans to make her life hard.

The episode has drama, suspense, and looming threats, and different characters must deal with emotional and moral choices. It makes Natasha and Amresh more likely to face more problems and fights in the future.

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