Imlie 26th August 2023 Written Update: Imlie hallucinates that Arto is giving her moral support

Imlie 26th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Arto is trying to save a picture of his family. He also looks for Imlie’s health records. Akash sees Devika crying at the same time. He goes to her and tells her that he was wrong. He and Kia both feel bad. Akash cries as he puts his head on Devika’s lap.

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Devika thinks about Arto a lot. When smoke gets into Arto’s house, he passes out. The firefighters are there. The firefighters stop Rudra from going in to save Arto. People say that no one could still be alive in such a fire. Rudra worries about Arto.

Imlie 26th August 2023 Written Update

At the same time, Anu remembers how he paid someone to mess with Imlie’s stretcher. Since Arto is not there, the doctor decides to proceed with the C-section. Akash and Kia say they’re sorry for what they did wrong. They give her the strength she needs to have the baby.

Rudra cries when he hears from the firefighters that Arto might be dead. Imlie learns from the TV that Arto was in the house on fire. She is surprised and asks what’s going on. Then, she goes into surgery. Arto has a dream that Imlie tells him not to give up. Even though the news said he was dead, he found the strength to leave the house. After calling Rudra, Arto passes out. He is taken to the hospital after that.

The doctor doesn’t know how well Imlie is. Devika wants to know why bad things keep happening to her. Akash gives her comfort. Anu thinks she has gotten even with Imlie at last. The doctor tells Imlie that her baby might die if she doesn’t wake up. Imlie hopes that Arto will cheer her on. When she wakes up, the doctor starts giving birth.

Precap: Imlie finds her baby is gone and learns about a group that steals babies. She decides to look for her child.


There is a lot of drama and sadness in this episode. Arto’s desperate attempt to save family memories and Imlie’s medical records tense the atmosphere. Akash and Kia’s guilt and apologies to Devika and Imlie make them more attractive as people. Both Arto and Imlie are in dangerous situations that could end their lives. This keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Rudra’s pain and Anu’s secret plan make the story even more exciting.

Imlie 26th August 2023 Written Update

The episode does an excellent job of mixing scary moments with emotional ones, which makes it attractive to watch. It also leaves a lot of questions for future episodes, like what will happen to Imlie’s baby and if Anu’s revenge plan will be found out. Overall, it was an exciting episode that made you want to see what happened next.

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