Pandya Store 20th May 2024 Written Update: Mithu questioning Dhawal about Natasha’s condition.

Pandya Store 20th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha and Naveli enter the Pandya house. Mithu is sleeping deeply. Natasha takes Naveli inside a room. Both of them quietly sneak in, and Natasha says she is feeling sleepy. Natasha and Naveli hug each other and fall asleep. Shantanu and his sister search for Natasha everywhere in the Makwana house. Amba apologizes to Dhawal for the incident last night. Pranali comes and tells Dhawal that Naveli and her clothes are missing.

She blames Amba for this. Chirag suggests Naveli might be playing in the garden, but Pranali says she has checked everywhere, and Naveli is not there. Shantanu’s sister also arrives, saying that Natasha is missing too. She asks if they know where Natasha is. Natasha and Naveli wake up and see Mithu cooking. They feel hungry and decide to steal some food.

Pandya Store 20th May 2024 Written Update

Natasha and Naveli sneak in while Mithu is frying vadas. They hide from him, and Natasha tries to take a vada but burns her finger. Naveli picks up some tissues and gives them to her. They end up taking the vadas. Shantanu confronts Dhawal, asking where Natasha is. Shantanu tells the Makwanas they should be ashamed of making Natasha disappear. He threatens to have them all arrested.

Dhawal says they will go to the police station together since Naveli and Natasha are missing, and he has the right to look for them. Hetal thinks it’s good that both mother and daughter have left. Natasha also steals some pav and makes Naveli eat vada pavs and dhokla. Mithu notices his food is missing and wonders where the dhokla and vada pavs went. He wonders if DaMa’s spirit is back and says he fears being alone in the Pandya house.

Natasha starts getting hiccups, and Mithu gets scared. Chirag and Bhavin look around for Natasha and Naveli. The police informed Dhawal that he could not file a missing person report until 24 hours had passed and suggested that he search Natasha’s favourite places. Pranali tells Dolly that she wants her daughter back. Amba tells her to stop crying because Naveli is with her mother and won’t come back to the Makwana house.

Pranali claims she has taken care of Naveli for the past seven years and will explain everything to her once she is back. Hetal picks up all the toys and says she will burn them all. Pranali calls Bhavin to ask about Naveli and decides to look for her herself, but Amba scolds her and does not allow her to go. Mithu finds Natasha and Naveli sitting and is shocked.

He screams. Mithu gets emotional seeing Natasha and calls her Chutki. Naveli says she is Naveli, while Natasha says she is Bittu and her mother. Mithu cries and hugs Natasha. Dhawal arrives at the Pandya house too. Natasha and Naveli hide behind Mithu. The episode ends with Mithu questioning Dhawal about Natasha’s condition.

Precap: Dhawal will scold Natasha and Naveli for leaving the house. They will call Dhawal bad and decide to run away again. Dhawal will promise Naveli never to scold her and ask her to promise him the same.

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