Pandya Store 19th August 2023 Written Update: Pranali gets shocked

Pandya Store 19th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Mithu and Shesha don’t like that Natasha is friends with Dhawal. Natasha gets mad at Dhawal, which scares him. She thinks he isn’t taking care of their house and business. Dhawal talks about Suman’s idea that he should get married to Natasha. Suman says yes when Natasha asks if this is true.

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She tells Natasha that she would be happy with Dhawal. Shesh is upset because he thinks Natasha will get the family business, Pandya Store, all to herself. He is worried about himself and Mithu and what will happen to them. Suman gives him a strong answer. Natasha is happy about getting married to Dhawal.

Pandya Store 19th August 2023 Written Update

Pranali tries to give her husband medicine, but he won’t take it. He tells Pranali that she shouldn’t act like a doctor and should instead take care of the house. Also, he tells her what Amresh said. Pranali is taken aback. Natasha can’t help but think about Dhawal. She chooses to go late at night to see him. Dhawal is happy because he persuades Natasha that they should be together. He is also pleased because he fulfilled his brother’s dream.

Natasha goes into Dhawal’s house quietly. She steps on some red powder by mistake but keeps going. She seems to be acting like this is her new house. Shesh talks to Amba, who wants to know more about him so she can help her son find work. Shesh, on the other hand, wants to get his job. Amba tells him that Natasha’s name is on the shop. Shesh starts to worry. Amba gives him an idea for changing the shop’s name to his. This thought appeals to Shesh.

Pandya Store 19th August 2023 Written Update

Amba tells Shesh to bring her the shop papers, and she will get her lawyer to help. Shesh is happy, so he goes away. When Natasha sees someone coming, she runs away. But it’s nothing. When Amba’s helper sees footprints, she thinks something is wrong, but Amba tells her to do something else. Natasha looks around Dhawal’s home. She watches a recording of Chirag talking to Dolly. She also sees Hetal and Pranali caring for their men. Natasha likes them as a family. She is happy to join the family, but she doesn’t know about the problems in the house. She goes to where Dhawal is.

Precap: Natasha says that becoming part of the Makwana family is the start of a new piece of her life. Amba makes fun of her and tells her what’s wrong with her. She says she will take Natasha’s shop away.

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