Pandya Store 17th May 2024 Written Update: Dhawal recalls Natasha’s situation and gets emotional.

Pandya Store 17th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal gently touches Natasha’s face as she falls into his arms. Naveli is hiding in the same room. Natasha asks Dhawal to leave, saying it’s her room. Naveli smiles as she watches Natasha throw a cushion at Dhawal to make him leave. Natasha dances, happy that Dhawal has left. Naveli hugs Natasha, and Natasha recognizes her as a friend. Naveli tells Natasha that Dhawal usually scolds everyone, but she manages to scold him instead. They both jump around excitedly.

Dhawal remembers Natasha’s situation and feels emotional, thinking it shouldn’t have happened. Naveli comes with Dhawal’s suit and tells him not to enter the room as it will scare Bittu. Natasha sits near the window and signals Dhawal that she is watching him, saying it’s too much. Hetal recalls the past when she and Amba were at home with Natasha. Hetal provoked Natasha to leave, calling her Amrish’s murderer. Natasha refuses to leave and says she will bring Dhawal back home.

Pandya Store 17th May 2024 Written Update

Chirag is trying to feed Dolly, upset because she feels her body is not ready for another baby. She complains that her sisters-in-law have sons while she only has a daughter. She worries Dhawal will soon want another baby, and Natasha might give birth to a boy. Despite not liking her, Amba overhears and thinks she can regain her power in the house with Natasha’s return. Shantanu tells his sister they need to leave before Dhawal comes to talk to her.

Shantanu asks Natasha to return to Mumbai with him, but she insists it’s her room and won’t go anywhere. Naveli brings many toys and says no one is going anywhere because Natasha has already scared Dhawal. They start playing with the toys. Shantanu confronts Dhawal about Bittu’s situation. Dhawal explains that Bittu is Natasha Makwana. Shantanu says he lost Natasha and wants to take Bittu back to Mumbai. At night, Naveli asks Pranali if she can sleep next to Bittu. Pranali scolds her and tells her to sleep.

Amba puts on a scary mask, planning to discover the truth about Natasha. Once Pranali falls asleep, Naveli sneaks out to see Natasha. Amba tries to scare Natasha, who wakes up as Amba presses her mouth. Naveli enters the room and asks who is there, exposing Amba. Natasha and Naveli are shocked. The episode ends with Amba telling Naveli that she is a carbon copy of her mother.

Precap: Naveli will question Pranali about whether she is her birth mother or if it’s Bittu. Everyone is shocked as Naveli insists on knowing if Natasha is her mother.

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