Jhanak 17th May 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s birthday gift to Anirudhha.

Jhanak 17th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a conversation between Aniruddha and Jhanak. Aniruddha invites Jhanak to his party. He wants a special gift from Jhanak for his birthday but is shy to ask. Jhanak doesn’t show much interest, which hurts Aniruddha. He realizes that Jhanak doesn’t see him as a friend. Seeing Aniruddha’s sad face, Jhanak asks about the gift. Aniruddha asks Jhanak to make two special dishes from Kashmir for his birthday.

Jhanak is surprised by Aniruddha’s innocence. She promises to make the dishes for him. Aniruddha also asks her to go out for dinner the night before his birthday. Jhanak is confused but agrees. She knows they will be shocked if others discover their secret meeting. They plan how to meet at the restaurant. Aniruddha also asks for another gift. He likes spending time with Jhanak and asks her to wear makeup before their meeting.

Jhanak 17th May 2024 Written Update

Meanwhile, Shristi scolds her daughter Arshi for staying at the Bose house for a long time. Arshi tries to talk it out, but Shristi keeps reminding her that Aniruddha is cheating. Arshi doesn’t want to break up. Shristi believes Aniruddha likes Jhanak and doesn’t want him as her son-in-law. She tells her daughter to face the problem, or she won’t be happy.

Shristi warns Arshi that Aniruddha will betray her in the future. Arshi loves Aniruddha very much but doesn’t know what to do. She cries when she can’t make her mother understand. Shristi apologizes for her behaviour and explains that Aniruddha admitted his mistake. She suggests that Arshi keep a safe distance from Aniruddha. In the evening, Jhanak asks Ajanta for permission to go out and meet Aniruddha. She promises to return home before late at night.

Precap: Jhanak will go to Aniruddha’s room and give him a golden ring as a gift. Aniruddha will ask Jhanak to put it in his hand. Later, Arshi will ask Aniruddha about the ring.

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