Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update: Arushi meets enemy of her life

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with a conversation between Raavi and Suman. Raavi is determined to make Bittu reveal the truth about their marriage. Suman, on the other hand, insists that Bittu leave the place. Shiva, unable to grasp the situation, passionately desires a girl. When Suman declares that she won’t allow any girl into Shiva’s life, he becomes increasingly furious and starts shouting at them.

Rishita tries to intervene, but Shiva mocks her as well. He expresses his desperate need for a wife, further agitating Raavi, who attempts to confront him physically. A heated fight ensues between the two. Suddenly, Shiva threatens Raavi by holding her close. At that moment, Shivang arrives and begins shouting at Raavi. Suman tries to control the chaos, but Shivang and Raavi continue their altercation. Amidst their fighting, Dev enters the scene.

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update
Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update

Shiva breaks into tears, and Suman tries to console him. Raavi urges Shiva to keep quiet as she struggles to find a way to express her true feelings. She prays to God, seeking a solution. Raavi implores Gautam to help her explain the situation to Shiva, but he feels helpless and unsure how to make Shiva understand. Raavi requests everyone present to clarify the situation to Shiva, but nobody agrees. Eventually, Raavi is asked to stand in front of Shiva and confess. Nervously, she becomes hesitant. Amid this, Gautam steps in and offers to tell Shiva himself.

When Shiva questions Gautam about his refusal to get married, Gautam repeats the same reasoning repeatedly, frustrating Shiva. Finally, Gautam reveals that the reason is that he, Dev, and others are already married. Shiva questions the logic behind this explanation, comparing it to saying that if Dev and Gautam have eaten, then Shiva should also be complete, which makes no sense to him.

He demands an explanation from Suman, and Gautam explains that life becomes more challenging after marriage. Gautam uses the metaphor of marriage being like medicine that gives you a headache and stomachache. Dev agrees with Gautam, providing examples like taking one’s wife shopping, dining at new restaurants every week, and going on four vacations a year. Hearing this, Rimjhim interjects and claims that Gautam is lying, stating that she never took him anywhere.

Shiva questions why Gautam would take him on a trip. Rimjhim clarified that she was speaking on behalf of Raavi. Gautam warns Shiva about the considerable expenses associated with marriage. He explains that even after the wedding, additional fees, including raising children, add to the financial burden. Gautam reminds Shiva of his promise to care for Pandya Stores and not get married.

He also points out the crisis currently facing Pandya Stores. Shiva asks when he made such a promise. Deva reminds Shiva that when Deva asked about marriage, Shiva declined and pledged to dedicate himself to Pandya Stores, using the profits to ensure his happiness. When Shiva questions if he said all that, Gautam accidentally reveals that he was previously married. This piques Shiva’s curiosity.

Shiva asks everyone to whom Gautam was married. Rimjhim steps forward and urges Gautam to reveal the truth. Gautam states that he was married to Pandya Stores, as Shiva once expressed his love and commitment to the store. Shiva argues that Pandya Stores is his mother, so how could he marry it? He then leaves the scene. After Shiva departs, Suman laughs but later questions Gautam about why he mentioned Pandya Stores. Rimjhim starts feeling insecure again and assumes that Shiva must have gone to find the girl in the picture.

Rimjhim pleads with Gautam to help Shiva understand the situation, expressing her inability to live without him. Suddenly, Shweta and Prerna’s husband arrive at the house looking for Prerna and Krish, who is not home. Dhara, Shiva’s mother, is also absent. They create a commotion, with Shweta suggesting that Prerna may have taken Krish away and deciding to file a police complaint. Dhara, tensed and worried about Krish and Prerna, is on her way back home.

Meanwhile, Arushi is walking along the same road where Dhara is approaching. Arushi receives a call from the Lifetime Marriage Bureau, inviting her to visit their office and choose her life partner. As she walks, a man accidentally pushes her, causing her to stumble nearly. However, Dhara comes to her rescue, preventing her from falling. In that brief moment, Arushi and Dhara lock eyes, stunned and in disbelief.

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