Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode opens with Vidhi’s attempt to secure a gold loan. The owner informs her that he can only offer her 10 thousand if she agrees to sell the item. Alternatively, he can provide an 8 thousand loan. Vidhi declines the offer to sell, but the owner surprises her by offering an additional amount, reducing the cost to 6 thousand. Impressed by Vidhi’s honesty, the owner commends her.

Vidhi takes a selfie with the ring, explaining that it holds sentimental value as her mother had gifted it to her. The owner assures her that he will keep it safe. Rajeev overhears the conversation and commends Vidhi. He reveals that he came to the shop alone and intends to visit Milapini Devi’s temple. Vidhi offers to accompany him and promises to drop him off there.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Update
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, Dev asks Kaushik if Amba has discovered the truth. Kaushik admits that there’s a chance she might find out. Amid their conversation, a bomb threat arises. As expected, Amba arrives at the scene. Vidhi and Rajeev pray at the temple, where Hariprasad welcomes Vidhi. Rajeev discovers that Vidhi is his daughter and expresses his appreciation for her genuine character. Vidhi informs him that Dev has received an invitation to a business meeting and that she intends to buy him a dress.

Amba confronts Kaushik, accusing him of betrayal. Kaushik denies the allegations and asks the manager to bring the accounts. Amba threatens to expel him from the office, just as she did with Dev. However, Kaushik refuses to comply. Dev reveals that Amba embezzled funds from Raichand’s company. Amba is shocked to learn that 90% of the shares are registered under Kaushik’s name. Bimla offers Prasad to Rajeev and inquires if he came alone. Rajeev confides in her, revealing his estranged relationship with his son and his focus on business matters.

Vidhi consoles Rajeev and excuses themselves from the conversation. The accountant informs Amba that Kaushik has taken over her shares, and Yogesh facilitates the transfer. Vidhi arrives at the scene, and Amba confronts her, questioning why they are still staying in Balghar. Amba threatens to ruin the place as well. Durga intervenes, informing Amba that she must come with her due to a complaint filed against her.

Amba challenges Durga to produce an arrest warrant and questions her alleged wrongdoing. Durga reminds her that she has the right to consult with a lawyer but informs her that the court will close in two minutes, leaving her with the option of spending two days in jail. Durga assures Amba that she has already consulted with a lawyer who advises her to cooperate to secure bail as soon as possible.

Durga warns Amba that the media will cover any disruptive behaviour. Amba dreads the idea of facing public scrutiny. Vidhi confronts Amba, delivering a fitting reply. Amba glares at Dev before leaving. Consumed by shame, Amba struggles to cope with the allegations. Hariprasad and Bimla express their joy upon witnessing the news. Priya, too, rejoices. Yogesh watches the news and receives a call from Priya, expressing concern about their potential involvement.

She urges him to prioritize his safety. Overwhelmed with fear, Yogesh contemplates the consequences. The media approaches Dev for a statement, but he remains silent. Vidhi speaks on behalf of the family, explaining their fight to regain control of Raichand’s industry and home from Amba’s clutches. Amba, filled with shame, grapples with the weight of her actions, now exposed to the public eye.

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