Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Update: Shiva wants to marry again

Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with a fast-paced scene at Pandya Store. Dhananjay takes Prerna through a different road that doesn’t lead to the airport. Krish chases after them, asking the driver to stop, but he refuses. Dhara also follows them. Prerna asks why they took this deserted road. The man explained that the other road was crowded, so he tried to take a shortcut. He advises her not to trust strangers like him. Eventually, he drops Prerna off at a bus stop, and she feels relieved.

Meanwhile, Shiva collects some cow dung and brings it to Pandya Store. He doesn’t understand the purpose of cow dung, and people stare at him. He accidentally collides with a girl who is about to board an auto. Shiva makes a mess, and the girl is covered in cow dung. Shiva holds her hand, irritating the girl, who apologizes to him. Shiva blames the girl for the accident, leading to an argument between them. The girl becomes angrier, but she softens her tone. She apologizes to Shiva, who also apologizes to her.

Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Update
Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Update

Feeling sorry for the girl, Shiva decides to help her. Holding her hand, he takes her to his home. Shiva offers her water, but the girl struggles to pump it. Suna, Shiva’s friend, comes to assist her and helps her wash off the cow dung from her body. Shiva admires her beauty. Before leaving, the girl is asked to clean her legs. She complies and introduces herself as Arushi. After freshening up, she tries to get a ride in an auto, but no one offers her a seat.

Shiva returns to collect more cow dung and returns with a bucket of it. Suman instructs the children to form a queue and arranges them in order. Shiva asks Suman why she wants him to bring cow dung, and she explains the reason. Rishita suggests gargling their mouths, but Suman doesn’t listen. Suman then asks Shiva to drive away the non-vegetarian sellers, but he disagrees, considering it their business. He suggests an alternative solution.

Suman laughs at the children, but as soon as she begins bathing, they scatter and run around the room. Rishita and Raavi try to hold them, but they fail. Meanwhile, Rishita slips and ends up covered in cow dung. When she asks for a hand, no one agrees to help. Shiva comes to her rescue but falls into the cow dung himself. They both get messy. In the midst of this, a parcel arrives addressed to Shiva.

Raavi takes the parcel and reads it aloud, causing her to cry. She reveals that it’s a marriage proposal for Shiva. Shiva becomes overjoyed and wants to get married quickly, which frightens Shiva. He realizes the girl in the photo is the same one he recently met on the street, making him even more excited. Shiva tells Raavi not to cry, but she continues to do so. He eagerly wants to set a date for the marriage.

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