Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Trisha expressing her desire to sacrifice her powers to Shiv Ji. However, she is bitten by snakes attempting to take her powers away. Jeet and Mehek intervene, urging Trisha to fight for her love. Encouraged by their words, Trisha agrees to seek revenge. Mehek suggests that each of them should take their revenge. Meanwhile, Raghu becomes emotional upon seeing Meher unconscious, reminiscing about their moments together.

Jeet informs Prathna about Meher’s likes and dislikes, leading to Prathna breaking down in tears. When Meher wakes up, she asks Manjeet and Jeet to take her. Prathna reassures her that she can stay wherever she wants, narrating the story of Krishna Ji and Yashoda to emphasize their unbreakable bond. The scene concludes with a heartwarming hug shared between Manjeet, Prathna, and Meher, later joined by Raghu and Purvika.

Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update
Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update

The following day, Raghu expresses gratitude to Suwarna for her assistance. Suwarna assures him that she would do anything for their sake. Prathna proposes to Suwarna that they can help her regain her Naagin powers. Suwarna expresses scepticism, but Takshak reveals that it is possible when the energies of Shesh Naag and Shesh Naagin are combined. Joined by Raghu, Prathna holds Suwarna’s hands and chants the Namah Shivaya Maha-mantra, successfully restoring Suwarna’s Naagin powers. Overwhelmed with joy, Suwarna thanks them.

Returning home, Prathna, Suwarna, and Raghu are greeted by a dark and chaotic house, with Purvika shouting for help while hanging upside down. Trisha appears and declares her intention to kill Purvika as retribution for their previous wrongdoings. Trisha makes Purvika fall to the floor and attempts to set her on fire, but Prathna saves Purvika. Prathna sternly warns Trisha never to enter their lives again, but Trisha pays no heed and attacks Prathna. However, Prathna manages to overpower her and gives her a final warning before driving her away.

In a separate scene, Mehek seeks to confront Ajay for betraying her. Suwarna intervenes and overpowers Mehek, warning her to leave. Mehek threatens to kill Suwarna and departs. Suwarna tends to her injuries with Mehek’s help, while Ajay flirts with her. Trisha returns to the lab, where Professor Jeet and Mehek inquire about what transpired. Trisha berates them, claiming they were defeated along with her, and insults them.

Mehek slaps Trisha, who arrogantly insists that Raghu and Prathna can defeat them and are more powerful. Raghu contradicts her, stating they are not, but they will plan another attack, targeting the nation, a vulnerable spot for Prathna. Mehek inquires about the readiness of his plan, prompting Professor Jeet to share his strategy to attack the parliament with a snake bomb. Mehek suggests keeping Prathna out of the project to ensure its success. Jeet asserts that he can divert Prathna’s attention and announces it is time for her to meet her father.

Prathna encounters a man who assists people in dangerous situations. She realizes that he is the one who previously fought against small snakes. Prathna helps the man by adjusting a bus, preventing him from falling into a cave. Overjoyed, she recognizes him as her father and embraces him. Jeet asks if she is okay, and Prathna inquires how he is alive and why he never returned to her. Jeet smirks, keeping his true intentions hidden.

Prathna and Jeet return home, where Prathna excitedly informs Raghu about her father’s return. Confused, Raghu questions how this is possible since Prathna had performed her father’s last rites. Jeet quickly fabricates a false story and misleads Prathna, explaining that he came searching for her. Prathna shares everything that has happened and believes that everything will fall into place now that her father is back. Unbeknownst to Prathna, Jeet harbours evil intentions and plans to shatter her happiness.

Prathna introduces Purvika to her father, emphasizing their new bond. She then reveals that she needs to attend a felicitation event at the parliament as Rishabh is being honoured. Jeet encourages Prathna to participate in the event, and she receives information from Prashant about the enemies’ plan to launch an attack at Unnati Maidan. Jeet informs Prathna about another attack planned at the Rajasthan and Delhi border based on his source’s information. Prathna, trusting Jeet, agrees to divert her attention to the border mission. Meanwhile, Mehek prepares a poisonous bomb at Unnati Maidan.

Prathna, accompanied by Suwarna, Ajay, and his team, reaches the border and finds everything seemingly ordinary. However, Prathna decides to proceed to Unnati Maidan. Suwarna and Ajay offer to join her, but Prathna suggests they spend quality time together. Mehek, wearing a wicked smile, assures herself that no one can prevent their deadly attack, planned with a missile. As Prathna arrives at Unnati Maidan, she notices Mehek constructing a fatal weapon intending to harm the nation. Mehek confidently declares that no one can stop the impending missile blast. Prathna worries that she might be too late to prevent it.

Just then, Professor Jeet unexpectedly appears at the scene, causing Prathna to wonder why he is there. Jeet reveals that he provided Prathna with false information, ensuring her absence from the border mission. He admits he is present to stop the attack and urges Prathna to fight him. Mehek realizes Jeet’s plan and attacks him. Sensing an opportunity, Prathna joins forces with Jeet to confront Mehek.

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