Meet 11th May 2023 Written Update

Meet on 11th May 2023 Written Update: The episode opens with Kanika pacing near the location where a visibly anxious Chiku is concealed. Spotting Kanika, Chiku remembers the tragic incident where she pushed Mohan to his demise. Sumeet enters the scene, fabricating a pretext to engage Kanika in play, aiming to steer her away from the room.

Gunwanti arrives with Meet and Manmeet, introducing them to Kanika. She informs Kanika that she’ll be staying with them for a while. Meet tries to pull Sumeet aside, but Sumeet insists on playing with Kanika. Agreeing to Sumeet’s proposal, Kanika inquires about their potential game.

Meet 11th May 2023 Written Update
Meet 11th May 2023 Written Update

Meet on 11th May 2023 Written Update.

A sudden noise attracts Kanika’s attention, and she moves toward Chiku’s hiding spot. Quick on her feet, Sumeet redirects her, attributing the noise to a cat. Suggesting they play ‘Cops and Robbers,’ Sumeet blindfolds Kanika. Taking advantage of the distraction, she signals Chiku to emerge. Meet shares her concerns about Sumeet’s strange behavior with Manmeet, who wonders who the mysterious ‘prince’ from Sumeet’s earlier story might be. Meanwhile, Sumeet uses the diversion to spirit Chiku away.

Manmeet, feeding Meet, reprimands her for being negligent about her well-being and always prioritizing others. Sumeet takes Chiku to a storeroom, assuring him that she’ll protect him. As Chiku weeps, Sumeet promises to bring him a mat and blanket, urging him to stay put. While Sumeet assembles a box of toys and a blanket, Manmeet recounts a story about Meet to her. Upon hearing it, Sumeet questions Meet’s honesty. Meet justifies that lies can be acceptable if they are harmless and beneficial to others.

Once Meet and Manmeet are asleep, Sumeet stealthily departs to deliver supplies to Chiku. Kanika, also awake, notices a torchlight emanating from Sumeet. After receiving food, clothes, and toys, Chiku hastily eats and shares his meal with Sumeet, sparking a moment of shared joy. However, Chiku’s fear returns upon seeing Mohan’s picture in a newspaper. Sumeet comforts and assures him that she’ll stay by his side until he falls asleep.

Seeking to help Chiku overcome his fear, Sumeet takes him along, but they are forced to hide when Kanika approaches. When Meet enters and turns on the light, she questions Kanika’s late-night wanderings. After quenching Kanika’s thirst, Meet mentions she had come to light a diya. Sumeet tells Chiku that Meet’s lit diya saved them.

As soon as Meet drifts off to sleep, Sumeet relocates Chiku to her spot on the bed, nestled between Meet and Manmeet. The episode concludes with a content Sumeet watching over Chiku as he peacefully falls asleep beside her parents.

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