Main Hoon Aparajita 17th May 2023 Written Update: Aparajita saves Asha

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Aparajita asking Disha for help carrying Masseuse’s bag. Suddenly, Aparajita hears Asha calling out for her. Nia arrives and informs them that Asha is not in the storeroom. Chavi adds that she couldn’t find Asha anywhere either. Arjun joins them and inquires about their concern. Aparajita expresses their inability to locate Asha, prompting Arjun to take charge and search. The entire group embarks on a quest to find Asha.

Amidst the chaos, Aparajita notices Shubh about to fall and swiftly acts as a shield, preventing him from getting hurt. Kalpana is grateful to Aparajita for saving Shubh and feels guilty upon witnessing Aparajita’s injury. Arjun and the girls return, informing them of their unsuccessful search for Asha.

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th May 2023 Written Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 17th May 2023 Written Update

Aparajita informs Akshay about Asha’s disappearance, and he inquires if anyone entered the house. Aparajita recalls the Masseuse, Rohini, joining with her giant suitcase and speculates that Asha might be inside. Determined to find Asha, Aparajita stops Rohini from escaping, aided by Kalpana throwing a rock. Arjun apprehends Rohini, and together, Aparajita and Akshay open the suitcase to find Asha inside.

Akshay interrogates Rohini, asking who sent her, while Rohini apologizes and pleads to be allowed to leave. Akshay decides to involve the police and calls them. Amid the commotion, Rohini manages to escape from Arjun and flees on another person’s bike. Akshay and Aparajita wonder how Rohini ended up there. Chavi recalls Kalpana’s interaction with Rohini and questions her about it. Kalpana reveals that she found Rohini’s number online and hired her, convincing Aparajita of her innocence.

At the Mehandi function, everyone dances to a lively song. Aparajita notices Akshay talking on the phone and approaches him. Akshay informs her that he has contacted the ACP, handling Asha’s kidnapping case, and expects the police to provide updates soon. Meanwhile, Mohini speaks with Kalpana over the phone, threatening her by showing Shubh and demanding compliance with her plan, or else she will harm him. Kalpana assures Mohini of her willingness to follow her instructions, leading Mohini to declare that the Mehandi function should not occur. Kalpana agrees.

Disha dances with her sisters during the Mehendi ceremony while Chavi persuades Akshay to join them. Together, Akshay and his daughters captivate the stage. Akshay eventually leaves, and Arjun arrives at the scene. Disha’s sisters attempt to send Arjun away, but he pleads with Disha to support him, only to receive a refusal as she chooses not to get involved.

Aparajita grants Arjun permission to stay, earning his gratitude. Aparajita then urges Disha to prepare for the Mehendi. Unbeknownst to them, Kalpana pours the Mehendi down the sink, washing away the bowl’s contents. Meanwhile, Mohini purchases cobra’s poison powder, determined to surprise Disha with her gift.

Aparajita assists Disha in getting ready while Mohini places a glass in the freezer, following the advice of the poison seller. Kalpana calls Mohini and confirms completing her assigned task. Mohini instructs Kalpana to ensure that her gift reaches Disha during Aparajita’s attempts with the Mehendi and promises the safe return of Kalpana’s son once her work is done. Kalpana agrees. Akshay joins them and inquires about Shubh’s whereabouts. Kalpana assures him that Shubh will return home within half an hour.

Mohini’s accomplice informs her that security is tight at the Mehendi function. Ashmith remarks to Akshay about his impressive security arrangements. Dadi notifies Aparajita about the missing Mehendi bowl, prompting Aparajita to take action. Mohini’s accomplice delivers the poisonous powder to Kalpana. Akshay meets Dr. Anshuman and encourages him to enjoy the party before heading to his kids’ room to call them for the Mehendi ritual.

Disha informs him that there is no Mehendi available at nearby shops. Aparajita retrieves the Mehendi bowl from their garden and tells them its location. Kalpana arrives and follows Mohini’s instructions, tying a thread to Disha’s hand. Aparajita applies Mehendi to Arjun and then to Disha’s writing, but Disha suddenly experiences a burning sensation, causing everyone to become worried.

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