Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak agrees to marry Tejas.

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a very tense scene in the Bose family. To gain sympathy, Aniruddha lies that he has been ordered to go to Delhi on the day of his engagement, so the engagement cannot happen on the planned date. The whole family becomes very worried about how they will handle the situation. Harshi suspects that Aniruddha might not be telling the truth and decides to speak to his manager herself.

Aniruddha pretends to be sad about his bad luck but hides the fact that he is going to Kashmir to find Jhanak, who has been kidnapped by Tejas. Aniruddha, expressing his dislike for his job, asks Arshi to negotiate with his boss to postpone the trip for the sake of his engagement. To convince his family, Aniruddha even considers resigning, but Shubha quickly reminds him that finding another job with such a good profile is not easy.

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Meanwhile, Jhanak reaches Srinagar and gets emotional seeing the scenic beauty of Kashmir. She remembers her happy days living here with her mom and the beautiful times she spent with her friends and neighbours. She decides that she won’t return to Kolkata and will find a job in Kashmir to live her life. She doesn’t seek wealth or success, as there is no one to celebrate her achievements.

Suddenly, she notices the road to her home, but the police car doesn’t take that route. She becomes anxious and asks the police officer where they are going. The kidnapper assures her that she will be kept in a government house, which is safer than her own home. Jhanak pleads to be taken home, but the kidnappers ignore her. Meanwhile, the police are searching for Jhanak everywhere.

When Jhanak is brought to the safe house, Tejas comes to meet her. Seeing him, she is completely terrified. Realizing that Tejas has kidnapped her, she immediately tries to escape, but Tejas’s security guards stop her. Tejas tells her that this time, he will not make any mistakes and will take revenge on her. Jhanak becomes furious upon hearing Tejas’s evil plan, but there is no way to escape.

Tejas insults her and her relationship with Aniruddha, pointing out that Aniruddha will marry Arshi. Tejas threatens to kill Aniruddha if Jhanak doesn’t follow his orders. He demands that Jhanak agree to marry him in front of the media, promising to let Aniruddha go safely if she complies; otherwise, Aniruddha’s life will be in danger.

Precap: Jhanak agrees to Tejas’s condition and decides to marry him.

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Episode Review

This episode of the show is filled with suspense and drama. Aniruddha’s deceit to avoid his engagement creates tension within the Bose family, while Harshi’s suspicion adds to the intrigue. The parallel storyline of Jhanak’s emotional return to Kashmir and her kidnapping by Tejas heightens the drama.

Tejas’s sinister plot to force Jhanak into marriage, under the threat of harming Aniruddha, adds a thrilling twist. The episode effectively builds anticipation for the next part, leaving viewers eager to see how Jhanak will navigate her predicament. Overall, it’s a gripping episode with strong emotional and dramatic elements.

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