Imlie 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Cops praise Imlie for saving the babies.

Imlie 2nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie asks Arto what she should do if they don’t find any clues. He tells her to calm down. Imlie says she won’t need anyone’s help to find her baby. Then, both of them hear a baby crying. Arto goes in a different direction while Imlie goes upstairs.

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The manager stops Imlie from entering a room when she tries. Imlie says it’s wrong to keep a mom from her baby. She still goes in. The people who took the baby try to keep it quiet. When they see Imlie coming, they run away.

Imlie 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Imlie looks around and sees her scarf stuck to a fruit basket. She thinks that there is something hidden there. She takes the fruit off and sees her baby. She cries while holding her baby. The manager acts surprised and says that the security problems will be fixed. Imlie hears other babies crying and doesn’t understand why. The boss tells her to go home and be with her family.

Imlie sees some bad guys putting bags on the back of a truck. They plan to leave before the police show up. There are seven babies, they say. Imlie decides to help the other babies even though the manager tells her not to. She uses her scarf to tie her baby to herself and enters the truck. But one of the kidnappers locks the door of the truck.

Imlie begins to look for the children. Six of them are there. The seventh baby starts to cry. Arto and some other people fight the bad guys outside. Imlie is surprised when the truck starts to move. She is trying to get the door open. The leader is asked where Imlie is. He runs to the truck when he hears Ilie scream.

Imlie uses a rod to open the truck door and calls for help. The police come when Arto stops the truck. When Arto opens the truck door, he sees that Imlie is okay. They are both fine, and the police save all the babies.

Everyone is happy at home. Arto says their daughter will be a great singer when she grows up. They talk about what to call their child. Kairi suggests calling her “Choti Imlie” because she looks just like her mother. Everyone is feeling happy and emotional. The police are so glad that Imlie was able to save the babies.


In this sad and action-packed episode, Imlie shows a lot of courage and determination when she saves her baby and seven other babies who have been taken. Arto gives Imlie moral support, but Imlie takes matters into her own hands. She challenges the kidnappers and even ignores a security manager who tries to stop her.

As Arto and others help Imlie on her mission, the episode also shows how strong and united a family can be. Tensions rise when Imlie is locked in a moving truck with the stolen babies, but Arto and the police save the day by getting there in time. The episode ends happily as the family talks about the future and chooses a name for their new baby. The episode is an emotional roller coaster full of drama, suspense, and heartwarming moments.

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