Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Savi and Ishaan find out about Bhosale Institute fraud.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Yashwant is angry with Nishi because she tried to hurt Isha. Nishi says he only told his guys to scare Isha by firing a gun into the air, but one of them shot her. Yashwant says that this is bad because it happened at the college. Nishi doesn’t understand what went wrong. Yashwant asks Nishi if he got rid of the college report. Nishi says, “Possibly.”

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Ishaan is sad and is washing his hands. Shukla hands him a piece of cloth to wipe away his tears. Shukla says he didn’t know Isha is Ishaan’s mom and knows how hard it is. The two of them go to the hospital.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd September 2023 Written Update

When Savi gets to the hospital, he talks to Isha and Shukla about what happened and asks who shot Isha. They’re waiting for the doctor to show up. Isha has lost a lot of blood, says a nurse. She asks if anyone has blood that is not O-positive. The nurse says there’s no time for Savi to talk to her college friends. Ishaan’s blood is O-negative, so he gives it.

Ishaan is a blood donor. The nurse asks Savi if she is related to anyone. Savi says that Isha is her teacher. Ishaan signs a paper permitting the surgery. Surekha comes over and asks where Isha and Ishaan are. Ishaan is giving blood, says Savi. Surekha would like to meet him. Savi brings Ishaan to them.

Shukla gets a call telling him that his mom is okay. Inspector Jadav, a police officer, comes to ask some questions. He talks to Ishaan. Yashwant has concerns. Ishaan says he shared what he knows with the police. Yashwant tells Ishaan not to say anything that could hurt their reputation.

Savi says that she won’t leave until Isha wakes up. Surekha says they will take her home, but Savi says she wants to stay. Surekha and Yashwant get up and go.

After talking to Shukla, Yashwant learns that Isha’s things are in Ishaan’s car. He tells Nishi off for making a mistake. Surekha doesn’t want to leave Ishaan at the hospital all by himself. Ishaan won’t change, says Yashwant. Surekha asks the doctor what they said. Savi says that they must wait until Isha wakes up. They go away.

Precap: Savi and Ishaan use Isha’s report to discover a scam at the Bhosale Institute. Ishaan is asked to come with the police.


In this episode, tensions are high as Yashwant scolds Nishi for a failed plan that led to Isha getting shot at college. Ishaan is upset but steps up to save Isha by giving Isha his O-negative blood. An investigation by the police makes things even more complicated. Yashwant is still worried, so he tells Ishaan not to say anything that could get them in trouble.

Savi, Isha’s student, is also very worried and waits for her to wake up. At the end of the episode, there are hints that Bhosale Institute will find out about a fraud. The episode is full of sad and exciting moments that make people want to know what happens next.

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