Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Update: Imlie plans to save her baby.

Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Arto asks Imlie how to find the person who took their baby. Imlie sees a temple and says it points them in the right direction. At the same time, Sattu gives the baby to a man in exchange for money. He says that it was hard and wants more money. He gives him money and takes the child.

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The police ask Mr Mishra if he knows who took the baby. He stays there until Sattu leaves. Devika shows him a knife and tells him to say the name or else. The police tell her not to do anything by herself. Devika says Imlie already has a hard time, and Mr. Mishra deserves what he gets. In the end, he says Sattu did it. The police won’t give out his phone number, but Devika finds it and gives it to Imlie.

Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Update

Akash asks Kia how she knows that Anu didn’t take the baby. Kia says she knows when someone is lying. Akash says that they should fix the mistakes they’ve already made and help Imlie. He likes this good thing about Kia, he says.

Devika fools the police by acting like she is praying with Imlie. Then she tells Imlie to hurry up and find Sattu. Rudra asks Devika if sharing Sattu’s number will get them in trouble. Devika says she is innocent. With the help of a hacker, Arto tries to find out where Sattu is. Devika prays and wonders why Imlie has to go through so much pain. Rudra makes her feel better by telling her he thinks Imlie will win this fight.

Sattu is eating at a food stand when Imlie and Arto find him. He doesn’t come when they call him. When the police show up, they tell them they messed up their plan. People are worried that Sattu will leave the city. Arto and Imlie say to the police to catch him quickly.

Sattu hides the baby for a while and gives it to two beggars. They want to get money by selling the baby. Imlie tells Devika that Sattu ran away, and Devika tells her to keep trying. At a red light, they get out of their car. While she is running with Arto, Imlie is in pain. Kia tells Rudra that it doesn’t look like Anu has anything to do with it. Imlie says that they should keep trying to find their baby.

Precap: Arto then finds Sattu and asks him about his baby. Sattu says the baby is in the hands of a group of dangerous beggars. Imlie comes up with a way to save her son.


In this exciting episode, Imlie and Arto are in trouble as they try to find their kidnapped baby. The story goes in many directions, with characters like Sattu, who sells the baby, and Mr Mishra, who tells Devika who the kidnapper is even though he doesn’t want to. Devika shows how resourceful she is by getting and giving Sattu’s contact information to Imlie. When the police get involved, things get even more complicated, especially when Imlie and Arto try to find Sattu and mess up their plans.

Imlie 29th August 2023 Written Update

While this happens, characters like Akash and Kia think about their moral responsibilities. This gives the otherwise tense episode a softer tone. The tension keeps growing, especially when Sattu barely avoids being caught and gives the baby to beggars. The emotional struggle that Devika goes through provides the story with more depth and shows the pain that loved ones go through in times of trouble.

The episode leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, mainly because the baby is now in the hands of dangerous beggars. Imlie and Arto must deal with physical and emotional problems but stay committed to their goal. It’s like being on a roller coaster, and people can’t wait for the next episode to find out if Imlie will finally be able to see her child again.

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