Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Update: Anupama wishes to help Malti.

Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama is surprised. Anuj comes and makes her feel bad. Anuj’s wife, Anupama, asks him what he’s doing. Anuj tells her to shut her eyes and take deep breaths. He says that she looks worried and brings up the problem with Kavya. Anuj wants to help her, so he tells Anupama to think about herself. Anuj has made Anupama happy, so she thanks him. Anuj hopes she finds what she’s looking for. He makes her sleepy.

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Romil gets home very late. He is asked why by Ankush. Romil says he told Anupama, and he is not drunk. He is told to go to bed by Ankush. Romil tells Ankush that Adhik and Barkha are mean to him, so he wants to go live with his grandmother. Ankush is taken aback.

Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Update

Vanraj wants to get Kavya safely back home. Leela is kind to everyone, even Kavya. She wants to live with Kavya until the baby comes. Kavya is happy when Hasmuk gives her some treats. Kinjal wants to help and asks Kavya for a note from the doctor. Leela stops Dimple from meeting Kavya when she tries to. Anuj thinks Leela and Hasmuk should know the truth, but they can only find out from Vanraj and Kavya.

Leela and Anupama fight about Dimple. Leela shouldn’t be mean to Dimple, Kavya tells her. She says that Dimple is also a person. Leela says terrible things about Dimple and tells Anupama not to get involved. Leela wants to make the last decision, so she stops Dimple from going to see Kavya.

Adhik has Pakhi talk to Anuj about a project with Pakhi’s help. Anupama tells Anuj that Leela is upset with Dimple because she always makes trouble. Anuj tells Anupama that Kavya and Vanraj need to tell the truth soon.

Kavya asks Vanraj if they should tell the truth to Leela. Vanraj is not interested in talking about it. The place where Anuj and Anupama go is called Gurukul. Anupama prays for Malti Devi. Malti Devi has left, she learns. Anupama has concerns. Anuj wants to know why. Malti Devi is essential, according to Anupama. She gets a phone call and learns that Nakul has lied to Malti. She’s surprised.

Precap: Anuj will tell Anupama that they can’t change what happens. Malti needs help, so Anupama goes to a temple to look for her.

Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Update


In this episode, Anupama is upset, but Anuj helps her feel better. Romil wants to leave home because Adhik and Barkha are mean to him, which shocks Ankush. Leela wants to help Kavya while pregnant, but she fights Anupama over Dimple, whom she doesn’t trust.

Anuj and Anupama think everyone should know the truth about Kavya and Vanraj. Anupama is worried when she hears that Malti Devi, a person she likes and respects, has left Gurukul and that Nakul has betrayed her. The episode is full of emotional highs and lows, family drama, and hints about secrets about being revealed.

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