Imlie 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Imlie insulted.

Imlie 22nd November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie tells Sonali that Amrit caused the fire at Chaudhary Sweets. Sonali is shocked to hear this about Amrit. Meanwhile, the family is busy and happy, preparing for another ceremony. Imlie, thinking about how Sonali protected her from Amrit earlier, leaves the kitchen. Amma ji asks Imlie if she can’t see correctly. Imlie tries to say sorry, but Amma ji interrupts her. Amma ji says she only let Imlie stay because of Shivani’s wedding. Then, Amma Ji takes a tray of juice from Imlie and gives it to Agastya.

Later, Imlie meets Sonali again. Sonali asks Imlie not to tell anyone about what Amrit did, even though they are not friends or enemies. Imlie replies that she can’t act against Amrit without proof and sees Amrit try to hurt her. Sonali leaves before Imlie can say more.

Imlie 22nd November 2023 Written Update

During another ritual, all the couples are quiet. Amma Ji says they are just emotional. Agastya hurts Imlie’s hand while putting bangles on her. He asks if she’s okay, but Amma ji tells him to continue the ceremony. After the guests leave, the women start cleaning. Amma ji comes to Imlie, takes a plate from her, and throws it on the ground.

Amma ji scolds Imlie, reminding her she’s only there until the wedding. Imlie offers to help, but Amma Ji calls her a burden and tells her to stay in her room. Meanwhile, Navya and Viswa discuss their plan. Navya worries that Avinash is falling for Shivani. Viswa promises to handle it.

Imlie cries in her room. Agastya watches her but can’t comfort her. He feels confused about Imlie. Agastya then meets Rajni and Govind, who ask him to comfort Imlie because she’s upset by Amma ji’s harsh words. Agastya gets angry in his room and accuses Imlie of being dishonest. Imlie wants to tell him the truth but remembers Sonali’s request and stays quiet. Agastya leaves, upset with her.

Later, Imlie screams in the garden, scared by yellow butterflies. Everyone wakes up. Agastya runs to her, and she cries in his arms. The family gathers around them.

Imlie 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Downstairs, Imlie says sorry to everyone, but Amma Ji insults her. Suddenly, everyone gets a shocking message on their phones. It’s a photo of Shivani with Ravi. Rajni questions Shivani and slaps her. Amma Ji tells Imlie not to get involved in family issues.

Precap: Amma ji blames Imlie and tells her to leave the Chaudhary Mansion forever.

Imlie 22nd November 2023 Episode Review

The storyline of this episode is dramatic and emotional, and several essential events impact the characters. When Imlie says Amrit was involved in the fire at Chaudhary Sweets, it creates a tone of conflict and suspicion. The preparation for a ritual gives us more information about how the family works and shows how different people feel about Imlie, especially Amma Ji.

The way Amma Ji mistreats Imlie, especially in the scene where they are cleaning, shows how hard things are for her in the family. The side story about Navya and Viswa’s worries about Avinash contrasts this, adding more layers to the story.

The emotional depth of the episode is increased by Agastya’s mixed feelings toward Imlie, which are made worse by misunderstandings and his inability to comfort her. At the end of the episode, there is a high-stakes scene where Shivani’s picture with Ravi is shockingly revealed. This causes family problems and leads to Amma Ji’s dramatic demand that Imlie leave.

Overall, this episode is full of drama, emotional conflicts, and plot twists that keep viewers interested and show how complicated family relationships and misunderstandings can be.

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