Imlie 18th May 2023 Written Update: Dhairya moral support to Imlie

Imlie 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Imlie holding the gifts, but her locket gets stuck on one of them. Dhairya helps her separate the locket, and she checks if it’s safe. He assures her that even Sita Maiya protects her locket. Seeing her emotional, he asks if she’s sad because the kids are leaving. She replies yes, and he makes her laugh. He gives her a drawing by Kairi, a picture of tamarind and raw mango, which delights Imlie.

Later, Arto tells Chini that he needs to go to the washroom before they leave. Chini expresses that she doesn’t want him to go anywhere. He says she’s overprotective and quickly takes him away before Imlie notices him. While they are walking, Imlie arrives with the presents and accidentally drops them with her locket. Chini positions herself between Imlie and Arto to prevent them from seeing each other. She helps Imlie retrieve her locket and leaves with Arto.

Imlie 18th May 2023 Written Update
Imlie 18th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie asks Rudra to give the gifts to the kids, and he distributes them accordingly. Kairi asks for her talent, and Rudra gives it to her. Imlie bids farewell to Kairi and becomes emotional. She asks if Kairi took all her things, and Kairi suggests they check in case anything is forgotten. Rudra informs Imlie that Kairi took everything, and now Imlie should let her go as her family is waiting. Dhairya asks if Imlie is okay, and she confesses that she will miss Kairi terribly as if she’s being separated from her child.

Devika feels pain in her hand, and Arto also hurts his hand. Rudra notices Chini and Arto standing outside. Imlie sees Kairi, but Rudra advises her not to meet again to avoid getting overly emotional. Dhairya agrees, saying Rudra is right. Suddenly, Imlie hears Kairi scream. She rushes to her aid as if she had fallen. Arto and Chini stand in shock upon seeing Imlie with Kairi. Arto recalls his fight with Dhairya, and Dhairya approaches Imlie. Arto feels numb, and Chini picks up Kairi and silently leaves. Imlie releases Kairi’s hand and feels heartbroken.

Rudra tells Imlie it’s time for her to move on and think about her future. Imlie misses Arto and wonders why he left that day and didn’t listen to her. She believes she has lost him forever. Now, Kairi feels like her own daughter and reminds her of him. Arto walks along the road during heavy rainfall and expresses his frustration.

He claims that Imlie quickly forgot about him and supports Dhairya instead of being there for her husband. He declares that Kairi is his daughter alone and Imlie has no right over her. Frustrated, he shouts, and a car driver scolds him for standing in the middle of the road. Imlie examines Kairi’s drawing and then calls her father. As she introduces herself, Arto is shocked upon hearing her voice.

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