Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra gives blank cheque to Chini

Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Kia expressing her disgust to Akash about having to entertain the kids because of Imlie. Shivani advises her to bring smiles to the kids’ faces instead of judging others. Suddenly, Rudra appears in a clown costume, causing Kia to laugh. Rudra mentions that Devika didn’t come to the party, but Imlie assures him that her presence in Goa is sufficient for her. The host announces that the kids will dance on stage.

While on her way, Imlie accidentally bumps into Arto, causing her to drop a star she was holding. Arto kindly picks it up for her, and Chini quickly takes him away. Meanwhile, Imlie takes the stage and envisions Arto dancing with her. Once the dance ends, the host instructs the kids to give speeches on stage, one by one.

Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update
Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update

As Arto is about to remove his face mask, Imlie stops him, warning that she might recognize him. She expresses her remorse that Arto won’t be able to hear Kairi’s speech. Kairi excuses herself from using the restroom, and Chini advises her to go back home because she is not feeling well. Although Kairi wants to give her speech, Chini convinces her to comply, despite having lied to both Kairi and Arto, as she feels compelled to do so to prevent them from encountering Imlie.

Rudra hands Chini a blank check, urging her to fill in any amount and leave with Arto, who is far away from Imlie. He mentions that Arto has always complained against him and has forgotten about Imlie. To ensure Imlie’s happiness, it is best for Arto and Kairi not to meet her. Rudra questions Chini’s hesitation in accepting the check.

Chini asserts that she has changed and is no longer driven by greed. Her actions are solely for Arto and Kairi’s well-being. Kairi approaches Rudra and introduces Chini, asking if he is upset. Rudra diverts the topic, concerned that if Devika discovers he hid the truth from her, she may never forgive him.

He fears Arto and Devika will hate him but feels he has no choice. Later, Arto questions Chini about Kairi’s presence, and she excuses Kairi for not feeling well and wanting to go home. The host calls Kairi to the stage, and Kairi assures everyone that her speech will be brief. Chini decides to allow Kairi to give her address to avoid hurting her.

Kairi joyfully takes the stage just as Imlie starts searching for her. Kairi speaks about her father and best friend, expressing gratitude for his care and delicious cooking whenever she is sick. Devika feels a strange connection to Kairi and reminisces about Arto. Kairi praises Imlie for her nurturing and protective nature, comparing her to Sita Mumma. Arto asks Chini about whom Kairi is speaking, and Chini suggests it could be a teacher. Imlie turns around to catch a glimpse of Kairi’s father.

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