Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update: Raunaq feel guilty

Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Vimla expressing how Sumer found happiness in simple things and prioritized Chitra’s well-being. Raunaq becomes emotional upon learning the truth. Vimla reveals that Sanjot focused on her career, leading to the deterioration of her marriage, and began manipulating Chitra instead.

She explains how Sanjot fabricated evidence to falsely accuse Sumer of infidelity, causing Chitra to misunderstand him. Vimla assures Raunaq that he, too, fell victim to those false accusations, but Sumer had always been loyal to Chitra, and Sanjot orchestrated everything. Chitra left the house as a result, but she still desired to give their marriage another chance.

Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update
Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update

Vimla urges Raunaq to prevent Sanjot from returning home, as Sanjot bribed a doctor to make it appear that Chitra had a heart attack. Raunaq and Chandni are stunned by this revelation. Vimla discloses that Chitra was murdered. Raunaq breaks down, and Chandni tries to console him, offering words of comfort. Vimla explains that Sanjot sought to create a rift between Raunaq and Sumer. To silence her, Sanjot falsely accused Vimla’s husband in a fabricated case and sent him to jail, threatening to harm her children if she revealed the truth to anyone. Vimla says that Sanjot intends to harm Chandni and Roshni as well.

Vimla implores Chandni and Raunaq to keep her identity hidden. Raunaq swears to send Sanjot to jail for hurting his mother and promises Chandni they will protect Roshni. He extends his hand to Chandni, and she grasps it. Vimla approaches Sanjot and apologizes. Sanjot questions Vimla’s intentions, asking if she went to harm Chandni or save her. Vimla lies, claiming that Chandni woke up, preventing her from carrying out her plan. She acts obediently and assures Sanjot that she will never go against her.

Sanjot scolds Vimla and instructs her to await her following command. Sanjot resolves to teach Chandni a lesson before eliminating Roshni from her path. She is determined to make both Roshni and Chandni relinquish their positions. Meanwhile, Raunaq, consumed by guilt over his past accusations against Sumer, drinks alcohol. Chandni approaches him and acknowledges his anguish.

Raunaq blames himself, labelling himself a terrible son, and believes Chandni is justified in hating him. Chandni advises him against drowning his sorrows in alcohol, suggesting that he confide in her and share his pain. In his drunken state, Raunaq confides in Chandni, expressing his guilt for being unable to protect his mother. The episode concludes with Raunaq pouring out his emotions to Chandni, finding solace in their conversation.

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