Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update: Ayaan in trouble

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Faltu giving Tanisha a bowl of soup. Tanisha is unsure about eating it and asks Sid to try it first. After tasting the soup, Sid praises it. Tanisha then encourages Faltu to cook more often. She teases Faltu about her messy kitchen, but Faltu responds confidently. Faltu then returns to the kitchen to prepare dessert. Meanwhile, Sid and Tanisha discuss their next steps while Faltu tries to listen in.

Faltu prepares their dessert and secretly adds some medicine to the rice pudding. Kanika questions Faltu why the rest of the family doesn’t join them for meals. Faltu replies that they don’t want to eat with people they don’t like. Tanisha asks Faltu why she bothered to cook amidst the tension, and Faltu replies that she just wanted to bring some happiness. Hearing this, Tanisha and Kanika decide to eat their dessert.

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update
Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update

In another scene, Faltu, Sahanna, and Kinshuk discuss their plans. The cousins are worried about the older family members waking up, but Faltu reassures them it won’t happen. After eating the dessert, the unkind family members feel very sleepy. Kanika, feeling extremely tired, decides to spend the night at the Mittals’ house and goes to the guest room. Tanisha asks Sid if he has organized some thugs to deal with Ayaan. Sid assures her he has. Ayaan, despite being treated like a thief and sharing a cell with the thugs, remains well-behaved but is not granted any special treatment. The thugs seem to hold a grudge against him.

Faltu and Sahanna check if the unkind family members are fully asleep before leaving for Kanika’s house. Once there, Kinshuk, disguised as an ordinary man, distracts the guards by pretending to be a biryani seller. He offers them food and alcohol. Initially hesitant, the guards eventually give in to Kinshuk’s insistence and start drinking, becoming increasingly distracted.

Faltu and Sahanna prepare to sneak into Kanika’s house. Sahanna first disables the security cameras before they both enter. Faltu goes into a room and signals for Sahanna to join her. Meanwhile, the guards, now drunk, start rambling while Kinshuk keeps them occupied. When one of the guards decides to check inside the house, Kinshuk warns him about the CCTV. Kinshuk then volunteers to do the checking himself. With the coast clear, Faltu and Sahanna continue their search. Faltu tries to open Kanika’s safe but finds it locked.

Back at the jail, Ayaan spends his time reading law books. The thugs continue to tease and bother him. Ayaan gets angry and calls for the police to intervene, but they ignore him. The thugs then attack Ayaan, but he fights back and manages to overpower them. However, they retaliated and beat him up. When Ayaan fights back and injures one of them severely, a police officer blames Ayaan. The episode ends here.

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