Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Update: Kanika wants sell the company

Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with the search for a crucial piece of evidence. Kinshuk and Faltu lead the investigation, with additional support from Sahanna. Initially, they can’t locate anything relevant. Despite their exhaustive efforts, they are baffled about where Kanika might have stashed the document. Suddenly, Faltu remembers that Kanika’s files are kept in her room. Sahanna proposes a daring plan: to hack the surveillance system of Kanika’s residence. Kinshuk seeks the help of a friend who is a skilled hacker, while Faltu arranges a meeting with a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Kanika urgently calls her daughter, Tanisha, who is visibly unnerved by her mother’s grim expression. Kanika confesses her fear: she believes that Ayaan’s family will never accept Tanisha and will perpetually be overshadowed by the bond between Faltu and Ayaan. Kanika is pained by the prospect of her daughter’s unhappiness, expressing this worry to Tanisha. Tanisha, however, clings to the hope that her joy will be restored when she is with Ayaan.

Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Update
Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Update

Fearful of losing her mother’s support, Tanisha expresses her worries. Kanika reassures her, promising never to abandon her. Kanika advises Tanisha to leave Faltu and Ayaan alone and to focus on building a new life for herself. She even offers to sell their company to facilitate Tanisha’s resettlement abroad. But Tanisha questions her mother’s determination to dismantle their current life. All of this is overheard by Sid, who is growing increasingly concerned. Kanika highlights the importance of moving on from this turmoil, emphasizing that it’s not the right path to secure love.

Meanwhile, Faltu tries to meet with a lawyer at a golf club. Pretending to be a visitor from a village, Faltu manages to bypass the security guard and enter the club. Overwhelmed by the unfamiliar golfing environment, Faltu introduces herself to the lawyer, who quickly identifies her case. Upon learning that Ayaan is in trouble, the lawyer hesitates to take the case due to its difficulty and the fact that the Mittal family might be unable to afford his fees. Faltu pleads with the lawyer to reconsider.

Elsewhere, Kanika and Tanisha are discussing a new business deal with a promising entrepreneur. Kanika is eager not to let this opportunity pass, and Tanisha shares her interest. Their conversation is overheard by Sid, who is left wondering about the identity of this new businessman. He worries that if he loses Kanika and the business, he’ll be left with nothing.

Faltu, feeling disheartened, visits Ayaan, who tries to cheer her up. She shares her plan to visit Kanika’s house and asks Ayaan about his practice. Shortly after, Tanisha and Sid plot to intimidate Faltu. Despite Tanisha’s elaborate plan, Sid worries their actions might be too extreme.

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