Dheere Dheere Se 17th May 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Abhishek and Dimple meeting Raghav, who explains that he needs their help for a task concerning Bhawana. They agree to accompany Raghav to Ramcharan University. Meanwhile, Bhawana asks Aanchal to sleep early as she has school the next day. Aanchal refuses, fearing that Bhawana will leave her if she falls asleep. Bhawana smiles sadly and spends some quality time with Aanchal.

The watchman overhears Aanchal and Abhishek arguing, prompting him to intervene and inquire about the situation. Together, they assist Raghav in entering the university by distracting the security. Raghav finds the CD of Deepak’s speech, filling him with hope. Dimple informs Raghav that she has edited Deepak’s part and asks him what else he needs to do. Raghav expresses his desire to make a phone call and hopes everything will go according to plan.

Dheere Dheere Se 17th May 2023 Written Update
Dheere Dheere Se 17th May 2023 Written Update

Bhawana contemplates makeup products, reflecting on how colors have come and gone. However, she feels that she no longer needs those colors. Abhishek accidentally drops a phone inside Bhawana’s room, which is confusing. Bhawana sees Raghav on a video call and hears Deepak’s women empowerment speech. After the recording ends, Raghav tells Bhawana that these were her husband’s thoughts. He emphasizes that if Deepak were alive, he would never allow any woman to endure what Bhawana has experienced. He encourages her to open her eyes and stand up for herself and Aanchal.

Raghav advises Bhawana not to dwell on Deepak’s words or anyone else’s but to focus on herself and Aanchal. He suggests that if she agrees to cut her hair and go to the Ashram, it will serve as a powerful lesson and example for Aanchal’s well-being in the future. He pleads with her to listen to her heart and do whatever is necessary.

He then disconnects the call. The following day, Baghat Ji and others gather at the Shastri’s house, preparing for Bhawana to conform to the norms. Bhawana arrives wearing a colourful saree, giving Aanchal hope. However, Baghat Ji asks her to change into a white saree. Bhawana complies, and Aanchal pleads with her not to go through. Bhawana enters the house, while Malini takes Aanchal away.

Meanwhile, Raghav ponders whether to call Aanchal to learn about Bhawana’s decision. Just then, Aanchal calls him and informs him that Bhawana hasn’t changed her mind. Raghav becomes furious at Bhawana for not listening and throws his phone. He gazes at a nearby idol of a deity and acknowledges that he has no choice but to take a drastic step.

He takes a handful of vermilion and heads to Bhawana’s house. Upon arrival, Raghav is shocked to see Bhawana wearing a white saree. He pleads with her not to continue, but she remains silent. Raghav approaches her and imagines himself filling her hairline with vermilion, leaving everyone shocked. Bhanu tells Jagjeevan that he won’t spare Raghav and prepares to attack, but Raghav suddenly realizes it is all just his imagination.

Bhawana returns the white saree, showing she hasn’t changed her clothes. Vidya, Aanchal, Abhishek, and Raghav feel hopeful. Bhawana proceeds to burn the white saree. Baghat Ji shouts at Bhawana and threatens the family members, warning them of impending suffering. Malini questions Bhawana for not keeping her word. Baghat Ji decides to leave, but Bhawana stops him and asks a few pointed questions. Although offended, Baghat Ji is reminded of how Lord Krishna answered questions and pondered her words.

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