Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update: Rajveer learns about Shanky’s escape

Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Amrit expressing her concern to Subhash about Shanky, whom she has known since childhood, emphasizing that he is capable of anything and Subhash should be cautious. Subhash assures her that Ravinder has promised to handle Shanky. However, she advises him not to trust Ravinder. Tejender informs Subhash that Ravinder doesn’t care about their family, so Shanky is still not behind bars.

Rajveer declares that he won’t let Shanky enter the house. Tejender answers Shanky’s call and arranges a meeting at the godown. Meanwhile, Ravinder scolds the servant and Bebe for opening Shanky’s room, emphasizing the need to protect Meher’s marriage and even threatening to shoot Shanky if he’s caught.

Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update
Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update

Shanky informs Tejender that Ravinder is actively searching for him. Tejender suggests that Shanky sleeps in the godown for the night, and the next day he will take him to the wedding venue. Shanky’s marriage will also create distance between Ravinder and Rajveer. Ajooni questions Rajveer about his lack of sleep. Rajveer expresses his mistrust towards Shanky, warning Ajooni that Shanky is capable of betrayal. Ajooni reminds him of Ravinder’s promise to protect Meher’s marriage, but Rajveer can’t trust Ravinder after the attack. He takes responsibility for safeguarding the marriage and promises not to sleep.

Bua oversees the decorations the following day and praises Rajveer for his efforts. Bharat urges Bua to sit and stay quiet, as Subhash has already explained everything. Subhash arrives and commends Rajveer. Ravinder shows up with a gun and requests a private conversation with Subhash outside the house. Rajveer speculates that something must have happened for Ravinder to arrive with a gun.

Subhash inquires if everything is okay, and Ravinder informs him that Shanky escaped from the Bagga house. He assures Subhash that he brought his men and there’s no need to worry. Subhash expresses his gratitude and returns inside. Rajveer learns about Shanky’s escape and informs Ajooni, taunting Ravinder for allowing it to happen.

Ravinder admits that he has done many wrong things, and that’s why he’s facing this situation. Later, Tejender stops the car upon seeing Ravinder. Shanky suggests disguising himself, but Tejender dismisses the idea, explaining that they can’t easily fool Ravinder. Instead, he tells taking a gift for Meher’s wedding.

Meher gets ready as the bride, and Ajooni compliments her. Meher expresses her fear of Shanky’s arrival, but Ajooni and Rajveer assure her that Shanky won’t be able to enter the house. Ajooni serves juice to Ravinder, who acknowledges the suffering of the Baggas without her and Rajveer and blesses her. Rajveer enters and taunts Ravinder, escorting Ajooni inside the house. Tejender arrives with a box, claiming it’s a gift for Meher’s wedding. Ravinder insists on checking the box. Amrit complains about Ravinder to Rajveer.

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