Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update: Anupama leap of the five years.

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Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, the story begins five years later. A man with a bag knocks on a door and calls someone. Inside, a person buys vegetables from him and pays. The man asks them to make more chocolate for an old man’s birthday at a nursing home. He’s never seen the face of the person inside and leaves.

Leela plays with Ansh. Vanraj is on the phone. Dimpy brings tea, and Leela annoys her. Dimpy scolds Ansh for not doing homework and tells him to get ready for school. Ansh doesn’t want to. Leela and Vanraj support Ansh and argue with Dimpy. Vanraj’s father is upset. He thinks the family doesn’t respect their daughter-in-law like they did with Anupama. Vanraj tells Kavya and Dimpy about a meeting and asks them to prepare. His father suggests inviting Anupama, but Vanraj and Leela refuse because they’ve cut ties with her.

Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama cleans her house, prays, and makes a cooking video without showing her face. She posts it on her YouTube channel, ‘Joshi Behen’. She hears a knock and is scared, but it’s her friend Devika. Devika is amazed by Anupama’s YouTube success. Anupama isn’t excited. Devika says Anupama’s cooking impressed many chefs. She wonders why Anupama doesn’t have a mirror and hasn’t left her house in five years.

Anupama says she doesn’t need to. Devika is upset that Anupama is still sad about her divorce and not taking care of herself. Anupama defends herself, but Devika is worried. Devika shows Anupama a job offer from a US hotel with a visa and ticket. She urges Anupama to go and start a new life. Anupama refuses. Devika insists she takes the job and goes to the US. Anupama is unsure.

Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update

Vanya gives Leela and Ansh many gifts. Dimpy, Kavya, and Vanraj’s father are unhappy. Dimpy and Kavya decide not to oppose Vanraj for their child’s sake. Devika tells Vanraj’s father about Anupama’s situation. He believes she will accept the job. Anupama opens her house window.

Precap: Anupama prepares to go to the US. A fellow traveller shows her a cooking video and praises the cook, not knowing it’s Anupama. Anupama feels happy.

Anupama 20th December 2023 Episode Review

This episode has drama and emotion, showing how complicated family relationships can be and how hard it can be to deal with personal problems. The story starts with a mysterious conversation between a man and a character who can’t be seen. The plot then shifts to show how a family deals with stress in their daily lives. The way Leela and Vanraj treat Ansh better than Dimpy and don’t care about her shows a family split by favouritism and lack of respect.

Anupama’s character is very interesting. Even though she is having personal problems, she stays committed to her YouTube channel, Joshi Behen. This shows how strong and passionate she is. But the fact that she doesn’t want to leave her comfort zone and take advantage of new opportunities, like the job offer in the US, shows how hard it is for her to deal with change and move on from the past.

The episode also talks about self-worth and being noticed. For example, Anupama is shocked and humbled when she learns about her online success. The relationships between family members, the problems they face individually, and how they talk to each other make for an exciting story. Overall, this episode does an excellent job of combining mystery, family drama, and personal growth. It makes you wonder what the characters will do next and how their choices will affect others.

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