Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024 Written Update: Aditya and Kaashvi follow Arjun.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Kaashvi asks Aditya why he stopped her. Aditya says he followed her because he was worried when he saw her leaving the mehendi ceremony. He asks what happened and mentions that she decided to marry him for Karun’s safety. He believes they can give Karun a good life, but it seems Kaashvi is unhappy, so he suggests calling off the marriage.

Kaashvi thinks Aditya is a good person and wonders why she wants to stay with Arjun when she has to stay with Aditya for Karun’s sake. She apologizes to Aditya and suggests they go home. She leaves in her car, and Aditya, thinking he can’t deal with Kamal now, also leaves. Meanwhile, Dr. Mathur informs Arjun that Kamal’s condition is worsening.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024 Written Update

The next day, tea spills on Kaashvi’s outfit. Isha asks what they will do, and Aditya suggests buying a new outfit. He takes Kaashvi with him. Micky tells Monty that Kaashvi is unhappy because she loves Arjun. Monty wishes they could do something for Kaashvi and Arjun. Arjun follows Aditya’s car to the boutique. Aditya and Kaashvi enter, and the manager tells Aditya his sherwani is ready. Aditya asks for a new outfit for Kaashvi and goes to try on his sherwani. Arjun locks the changing room door and goes to meet Kaashvi.

Kaashvi asks Arjun why he is there. He says he came to help her and that the outfit and Aditya don’t suit her. She warns him not to speak against Aditya and decides to ignore him. She chooses an outfit that Arjun dislikes. She then asked what he was doing with Dr. Mathur. Arjun is about to tell her about Kamal but stops when he gets a call from Nitya, asking him to bring Dr. Mathur as soon as possible.

Aditya realizes the door is locked from the outside and shouts for help. The staff unlocks the door, and Aditya sees Arjun leaving. He tells Kaashvi everything, and she asks him to focus on shopping. Later, Dr. Mathur examines Kamal and declares him dead. Arjun is devastated and leaves, crying. Micky and Monty find him, and Arjun tells them he has lost Kaashvi and Karun.

Kaashvi and Aditya return home to find no one there. They find a letter stating that Kaashvi’s family has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper demands ten crores to return them alive. Kaashvi wonders who could have done this. Aditya accuses Arjun, but Kaashvi defends him. They go to Bajwa’s house, and Aditya confronts Arjun, asking why he kidnapped Kaashvi’s family.

Precap: Aditya and Kaashvi follow Arjun.

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